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Blood test results

Steve S

Full Member
Just been for the results of my latest blood test. It's been 18 months since the last one and they were in quite poor state back then. I was 'on the path' to diabetes, my thyroid levels were 'a bit low' and my cholesterol was 'a bit too high'. :eek:

Today, everything was comfortably within normal levels except my glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides which were "perfect, exemplary for someone my age and weight". :D

We had a bit of an awkward moment when he asked if I'd made the changes to my diet he'd recommended and I said no, it didn't work (again) so I've done something completely different and it's working great for me. He reiterated that it's best to follow the low-calorie, high-carb diet we'd discussed despite the evidence in front of him, so I thought it best not to mention what I've just switched to in order to complete my weight loss! :8855:

After telling me I was best keeping away from the yellow part of eggs (it raises cholesterol levels, bless!), he wished me continued success and looked forward to seeing me again in a few months.

MOT passed with flying colours! :D
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Why are some health professionals fighting the evidence that high carb is not necessarily best?! It's all so old fashioned and ignorant!

Steve S

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To be fair to the chap, he's a GP and not a specialist. I'm also willing to bet this evening's MiM that he's never been obese either. :D

But I do wonder what they think about all the overweight people in their surgeries that keep coming back with the same problems. Do they think we're doing it to wind them up? It's time for a shift in thinking, time to realise that SOME people would benefit from a weightloss program that goes against conventional wisdom.

The earth's not flat any more! :)
I had exactly the same results Steve, I was lucky, My GP was on my side, not initially, but he made me come in every month for the first 6 months on Induction and as my tests got better and better he started to agree that maybe there was some thing in this "Atkins Nonsense". Now years on whenever I go for my annual medical he is always pleased with all my results. What is sad is that he mentioned in passing that I'm his only patient to have ever maintained my weight loss.


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well done thats fab news :)
I think if you just say low carb instead of atkins it gets better opinions LOL. whereas now with Dukan people say 'what??'

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