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Bloody food cravings!!!!


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Hi Tam - in my, limited experience, they come and go I am afraid. I am only in my 4th week and to be honest didn't really get cravings until last week but like you I am 100% committed to staying on track.

As everyone on here says - distraction is key. Bath, book, walk, phone someone, etc - it is the reason all my ironing is up to date. I mean the bedding I washed this morning has been dried and ironed and put away - I must be in real need of distraction to iron a blooming king size duvet cover (both sides)!

I would be interested from those who are further down the diet to see if cravings do dissapear though!

You sound focussed on staying on the diet and you have already seen great results. Stay strong and you will get through them x


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S: 18st11lb C: 15st0lb Loss: 3st11lb(20.15%)
Ive had a pint of water and unfortunately i smoke, so ive been for a ciggie......lucky for my britains got talent is now on to keep me occupied, then striagt to bed i think.

I hope they do go away! :-(


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Hey ..
Just to put your mind at rest.. the fights do stop I promise..
Im on week 12 and it really does get easier... dont get me wrong some days especially when cooking for my boys it can be hard.. but you just get through it..

Hang in there.. I never thought I would be where I am I have never stuck to anything as much as this .. and trust me I have done all the diets. It realy is fab.. and the results are so good..

Keep busy and you will be slim slim slim before you know it.


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I sorry to say that my food cravings are still here 13 weeks on but i must say my will power is stronger that my cravings, thank goodness, i went in a chippy today it was torture but the feeling of buying food for others then watching them eat and not having any makes me so proud of myself, it can be done, its hard but well worth the struggle.


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Gosh Lin - I have to wind the car window up when I drive past the chippy in our village. You have will power of steel!!
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I agree with Lin, my cravings still come and go too, i'm on week 9 now.. Personally i don't think they get any easier mentally wise i still beat myself up however it does get easier to say no and mean no. It kind of becomes habit in a way if you get what i mean. Whenever anyone in work offers to get a takeaway in it just becomes automatic to say no straight away. It's then hard as they sit there n eat it in front of me but then i feel really pleased with myself and strong when i've resisted again :) x

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