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Blown it today!


Wants to be slim!
Well I am on day 7 of SS. Weighed myself this morning and have lost 8lb. Have felt dizzy and weak at work - had two shakes but needed to eat tonight so convinced myself that an Atkins style meal would be ok! Had a cheese and mushroom omelette,with small amount of lettuce. Now I feel a bit better and will be back on 3 shakes tomorrow as this is the first diet that I feel I can lose the weight on. Sooo confused today!!!
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Wants to be slim!
Oh Shellybelly - you made me laugh out loud! We can do this - fresh start tomorrow.
I was looking for a get out clause and convinced myself that I could combine Atkins with Cambridge so I could have the best of both worlds...was never gonna happen was it?
Now I have got over my wobble (caused by work mates being absolutely horrified that I couldn't eat for months) and I feel better.
What made you eat the fish and chips?
I passed a chippy last night and have been craving since then.
went to buy new clothes today- realised i was a size 26:cry: and thought "f...k it" so went to the chippy, had spicy fish with chips . After, my stomach felt heavy but god they were lovely!!!
If i don't stop and thin first i just seem to act on auto pilot



Wants to be slim!
Ahh bless you. It's not easy is it? I look at the gallery when I am wobbling and seeing the before and after pics help. Have you been on Cd before?
3 years ago i lost 2 stone. I gave up FEB 2006 after my brother (aged 33) died on valentines day, unexpectedly. I sorta lost my way for abit and have since put on 3 stone - am 18 stone.

I lost 3 stone last time on add a meal- regularly lost 6-7pounds so that's what i'm doing this time - well, apart from fish n chips.:sigh:

Am now 40, have a 5 year old lad

I need to lose nine stone - how bout you?


Wants to be slim!
Tried every diet going (but this one) and manage to lose 7 or 8lb in a few weeks and then I lose interest as it is too slow. I am 45 and weigh 15 stones - want to lose 5.5 stones and was doing well until todays wobble. Had a read of some threads now and feel like I can do it again. You back on track tomorrow?

Anyone else had these wobbles and how do you get over them???
i have wobbles, i have to say i've been okay this week, but after my weigh in i went and had a chinese (why???). when i do that i just despair of myself, and even though i do the whole "do you really want it?" the naughty rachael on my other shoulder just shouts "CHINESE CHINESE CHINESE" until i can't hear the good rachael!

slowly slowly catchee monkey. We'll get there in the end

I know what you mean Reach - why do we do it???

It's like we sabotage ourselves!!

Just updated my ticker with my 8lb loss this week and back on track today.

We can do it!!
Sorry meant to type Rach - blonde moment!!
Thank you, you made me smile!!

I had a blip last night, I needed food (was only day 3 oops!!) so I had some stuffed mushroom with a bit of cottage cheese, thought it was Atkins style so would be ok - and then was watching tv and succumbed to 2 slices of jam on toast, DOH!!!!!!!

So I've been beating myself about it, but its kind of nice to know i'm not the only one. I've had my porridge this morning and 2 pints of water so far so am trying hard.

Have a good day everyone!!
hey, i have loads and loads of wobbles this may not sound very good but i allow myself my fave food once a week right after ave been weighed i convince myself ive got all week to get rid of it but the next day im absolutely starving due to the amount of carbs and cheat again, in my 5 weeks on the diet ive only managed to stay 100% for 4 days maximum then i mess it up, ive been good this week. the best thing to have if you need to eat is grilled chick or tuna mayo with veg or salad thats what i did on my 1st week to reduce my carbs steadily and still managed to lose 7lb. dont threat about it. good luck xxx
wobble was my middle name.........well for obvious reasons which include my belly!
Seriously though, we all have them but it is about getting your head in the actual place of believing you can do it. Once that happens you will pass the chippie or ignore the comments of others and their horror. Someone on here once said" it is only 3 months of your life" that you are giving up on food whilst you adjust your head. When you look at that equation it doesn't seem that hard. This time round this is what I keep in my head everytime I am tempted, well that and a photo of me 20 years ago when I was slim!
Good luck guys, your posts did make me chuckle. :D
Im just going into my 6th week of SS and have been good 95% of the time, however, when I have had a 'wobble' I have made sure I nibble a piece of chicken breast, a mini baby bell or have a small egg omlette, so its minimal carbs and calories....I have lost over 2 stone in just over 5 weeks so its obviously not doing me any harm!

Dont beat yourself up about it, just make sure you dont end up on a downwards spiral, and get straight back on the CD horse!!

Cat Bee x
if you have a blip, you just have to carry straight on, and not keep on eating and say "I'll start again on Monday". That's the thinking that made and kept me overweight! So just jump straight back onto SS!
Hey Ladies, You'VE ALL made me smile tonight, I've just had my 3rd weigh in and lost 2lbs...... So i rushed home and made a ham omlette and 3 slices of buttered toast......argh. I loved every bite of it but I'm now panicing like you would not beleive.... Oh My God please tell me that all will be saved before nest Friday.......HELP

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