blown it

i'm so disapointed... it was drinking alcohol on friday.. counted it in my syns, then came home and cos i had a few too many i thought it was a good idea to have pizza=3 slices.... which probably accounted for my syns for the weeek, as i use very little syns... but then to top it off last night a had half a portion of fish and chips, then chocolate..... so have well blown the diet, i get weighed tomorrow, so i won't go expecting a loss. The thing is that even though i was bad on the diet, i had a really nice weekend, so not that bothered, and back on track now, i now i will be a bit gutted though when i get weighed if i have put weight on, but only have myself to blame..
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You haven't blown it because you have acknowledged what's happened and have taken the decision to get back on and keep going.

Well done xx


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I agree with Sue you have only blown it if you give up. To acknowledge where you have over done things and to get back on track is not blowing it. Well done for nipping it in the bud.

Happy Holidays

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You need to remember you're not on a diet, your changing the way you eat for life.

Don't beat yourself up about enjoying yourself.

I have a fair bit of wine on a Saturday night & it takes a while for it to sink it you have to tell yourself when you've had enough & to stop. Or if you do want to eat have something free, not easy after a few drinks:cool: