Blown it!


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I am so dissapointed with myself....i knew sunday would a tough day for me as i normally have a movie day with my girls and a glass of wine and crisps etc, so in order to avoid it I invited my daughters friend around to play and have tea....all was going well till my youngest decided she didnt like her tea (half a cheese and ham filled jacket) so i took it off her to make something else and................ate it!!!:eek: I didnt even bloody realise i was doing anything wrong until i said mmmm.....that was nice and my eldest reminded me in a way only a 7 year old can, and in front of her friend, 'i thought you said you couldnt eat because your fat' (she was quoting me, so i cant blame her).
I felt sick and angry with myself!!!....but then, instead of damage limitation, i thought, oh well, i've done it now and ate 3 mini brownies as well! I have stopped now i am glad to say, but i am on day 7 and it's my weigh in tomorrow, what a waste, i am so dissapointed:badmood:
OK...rant over......what i am trying to say is THINK about what you are doing, it's really not worth the way you feel after!....Not that any of you are as stupid as me!:(
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You're not stupid, you are human. Just don't do it again. ;)


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We all have blips now and then, its only part of human life. Just put it behind you now and go back to normal.
Good luck for WI tomorrow and hopefully not too much damage has been done.


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bless you WillbeThin - drink plenty of water, get some rest and go for your weigh in. Tomorrow is a new day and I am sure you have not done too much damage. It is easy to do - my niece, has exams next Thursday and without thinking I said to her earlier today that we should all go out to dinner in the evening to celebrate finishing her exams - she looked at me really strangely and asked "why, but you're not eating...!!" - i could not believe I had said that especially as i was making my shake at the time and always go on about everyone having no food in front of me, not to talk about food in front of me, etc to help me avoid temptation. Fingers crossed for your weigh in. xx


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tomorrow is another day, and you have 7 more days after your WI to get back into ketosis. Don't worry

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Glad to hear it. Rock on babe ;)


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Just look forward to tommoz, im sure you havent done that much damage, hope it goes well for ya :)


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hey hun,

its all too easy to forget we can't eat. I made my hubby a feta and spinach pie. The cheese was different from what i usually use and i was going to put a bit in my mouth - but remembered i can't have anything but these shakes! lol

Don't be so hard on yourself hun, just get back in the saddle and forget today happened :)

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I know how you feel, but pick yourself up and be strong again tomorrow. XX


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Its so easy to do and it kinda goes to show that not having food isn't bothering you that much if you forgot you wasn't suppost to be eating!!! Just look at it the positive way!! Good Luck with your WI tomorrow xxx


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I did this on my first round just dunked biscuits in my tea before i realised what i had done i have eaten 3 .... i now know why i am so fat if i ate 3 biscuits before i realised i was eatting them i think of all the food that must of past my lips without me knowing if you know what i mean ... they good thing about lipotrim is that if you stay on it for long enough you can break these habbits put washing up liquid on any left overs for the 1st wk or 2 to make sure you don't eat it

good luck and hope your be back in ketotis soon enough drink lots to flush out your system xx