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Blue's Exante journey

So here I am on the Exante board after failing miserably with xenical, well I did lose 4stone but have managed to gain it nearly all back again.
I just want to take food out of my life for a little while and lose this weight. When on a 'normal' diet I find it so hard to deal with all the calorie counting and what not so I have chosen Exante as I just have my 3 packs a day and that's it, no weighing, no measuring, no counting!

The other day I was talking to my brother about starting Exante, I was telling him how I am excited that I may be thin this time next year! He said "yeah right, I'll believe it when I see it, you say that every year and you're still the same size"
I was upset that he'd said it but.....he's right. Every year I say I'll be thin by next year and it's not happened yet so this time I am determined to make it work. I don't wanna be fat for the rest of my life.

Starting stats.....
Weight - 282lbs or 20st 2lbs
Dress size - 24

So here I go with Day 1 :D
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Good luck! You can do it :)
Day 1

Thanks for the messages everyone :)

Ok so it's 6.25pm on day 1 and things have gone well so far.
Unfortunately I have insomnia and rarely get to bed before 3-4am so I have only just eaten my 1st pack and will have the other 2 later on. I have always preferred to eat later on anyway.
I have already drunk 2 litres of water so yay!

Oh and as right now I am struggling with money (signed off on long term sick :() I got some good news today....the doctor has referred to to the gym on the 'health for life' scheme which means I will get 24 gym sessions for a discounted price. I loved the gym when I was losing weight before.
I guess as I wont be consuming many calories that I should take it easy though and not over-do it.

Fingers crossed that today finishes well!
Good Luck

Good Luck
Day 2

It is 3pm and I have just had my 'breakfast'!
I had a banana shake, I actually really liked it, yay!

But urgh, got my period this morning :( I hope it doesn't affect my loss this week. The first week on a diet is always the best one coz you lose quite alot, now I'm worried I'll end up being disappointed but we'll see.
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Well Day 2 is over and I have been 100% for them both, yay me!!

I am not hungry AT ALL and I'm very surprised about this as I thought I'd want to raid the fridge by now but nope.

I have a major headache tonight, I dont know if this is coz of the no food or if it's coz I haven't slept much the last few night.
Off to bed soon though so hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.

Bring on day 3!
Day 3

Hey Blue,

I hope you feel better on day 3 :) congratulations on being 100% so far!! :D
Thanks hun :)

So it's nearing the end of day 3 and I feel fabulous!
I am not hungry at all and my headache from yesterday has gone :D

I had a strawberry shmuffin!
Tomato and basil soup with curry powder in and I am going to be having a vanilla shake with coffee later on. Probs not a good idea right before bed but I really fancy one!

But yeah day 3 and things seem to be going well, here's hoping tomorrow is just as easy as today.

Oh and I've managed 4 litres of water today.
Posting from my phone so sorry for errors!

congrats for day 3- it's been really helpful having someone at the same stage to know I'm not the only one, so thanks! :)

Good luck for day 4 - just think how far you have come already! x
god brothers can be cruel i have one the same keeps asking when i am going to stop lugging my fat backside around, sood luck show him you can do it,
Day 4

Urgh worst day of my life :cry:
My poor beloved cat was put to sleep this afternoon, he was 22 1/2 so he hadn't done bad.

Have made it so far (8pm) without eating anything I shouldn't even though all I wanna do is eat lots of naughty foods.
Thank god for minis and the lovely supportive people here on the Exante board, I think I would have dived into the biscuit tin otherwise.

Have hardly drunk any water today but I'm not gonna be so hard on myself as it's been a really hard day for me to deal with already.

R.I.P Snowdon, my little 'norms' x x x
Ah well it is now Day 6 and I am feeling great! I am not hungry at all, am enjoying my shakes (hate the soups and bars so just having shakes now)
I nearly caved on thursday night but I didn't and I am so glad.

Just cant figure out why this is seeming to be so easy for me, on other diets I really struggle and have usually 'cheated' by day 1 or 2.
I am hoping I continue to find the diet easy as I want this weight off!

Drinking at least 3 litres of water a day too with no problems :D

Yay for Exante.....so far lol
Well it's Day 7 so weigh in is tomorrow....I can't wait. I actually feel a little thinner already! I am hoping the scales show a good loss, I would be happy with about 7lbs and as it's the 1st week I know that's doable.

I am still finding this really easy to do, only struggled on Thursday but I think that was understandable coz of losing my beloved cat. Other than that I have not been tempted to eat food at all, this makes a change lol

It is halloween today so I am prepared as we get alot of trick or treaters round here (it's a small village and I know them all so I like to make an effort for them, bless their hearts)
I have 2 huuuuuge bowls full of goodies and I could easily pinch one....or ten but I am just not interested.
Am actually looking forward to my banana shake that I'm about to have.....this diet is obv sending me nuts!!!
soooo you've lost 14lb a whole frigging stone, well done honey!!!!!! Have you told your brother yet, bet that will give you great pleasure :)

What a fantastic start, you can do this xoxoxo
Aawww thank you Laura :D I am chuffed to bits with my first weeks loss.
My little brother was shocked when I told him, he gave me a hug and went out and brought me a bottle of coke zero to say well done! I think it just made it more special coz he's obv been listen to me ramble about what I can/cant have on Exante so bless his heart!
The coke will stay in the fridge til I feel I really need a 'treat'

Day 8 nearly over with, feel a teeny bit light headed tonight but I think it's coz I have been out and busy for most of the day and didn't get my 1st shake til 7pm, just had the 2nd one and will squeeze another one in before bed.

I still cannot get over the fact that I am not hungry at all, it's so weird!
ooohhh my new order came today, exactly when it was supposed to, I was quite shocked....parcels never come when they are supposed to! I got an email saying it would be here inbetween 12.20-1.20pm and it came at 12.23!

The first week and couple of days I was using up stuff my sister had left over from when she did Exante, now I have my my 'proper' order here so that's me sorted for the next 4 weeks :)

Had a teeny bit of a headache today and was still a little light-headed so I have decided to have my first pack earlier in the day as I think having them all so late wasn't helping me. Plus a couple of times I have only managed to squeeze 2 in before bed (naughty me I know)
So from now on I will have them at about 1pm, 5pm and 9pm.

Am hoping for another fabulous loss this week, am not gonna get on the scales til weigh day though.

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