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ok..this seems a bit strange to me....bit like talking to yourself lol..but hey ho il give it a go!

Kinda restarted today - struggled to stay completley on plan over the festive break and admit to gaining 2.5 lbs :sigh:

BUT ive still lost a fair bit and hoping this might help me keep on track.

2x weetabix+milk (HE A+B)

lunch - 2x bread with beans and two eggs
squirt of ketchup(2 sins) (HE B)

hi lite (2 sins)

Dinner will be a huge portion of home made quorn n lentil sherpherds pie - sin free with whatever veggies i can find left in the freezer oh mite use 1oz edam(HE A) and sliced tomatoes on top ..but then im so hungry dunno if i can wait for it to grill lol

Then i think il have to tidy house top to bottom and after kids in bed take a long hot bath....anything to stop me thinking of choclate(kinda got the habit after xmas :sigh:)
tc x
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morning :)

veggie shepherds pie was lovley last night and i ate so much i couldnt move after so didnt need the distractions lol.

breccie' today was
2x bread (HE B)
egg and ketchup (2 sins)

The snow is quite bad here and as today is shopping day i have quite a task ahead lol....(trying to walk up and down hill with buggy)
So will deffo count shopping expedition as excersise today!

lunch....not sure yet as everythngs run out!


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey blu fizz!

i do my shopping online with asda! Its £3.50 del but much cheaper than taxi and as cheap as bus fare!

good luck on sw!

love katie
hiya kae :)
i usually get asda or tesco but wasnt sure theyd be delivering in the snow
lol....deffo helps to avoid over-buying as well as over indulging lol...


lunch was a quick nibble at 2 ryvitas (HE B) and edam (HE A) before braving the arctic weather

dinner was left over shepherds pie with edam (HE A)and tom grilled on top +loads steamed veggies
4 tbsp gravy (1 sin)
1x hi lite hot choc 2-sins

son no2 came in when i was serving it up and pinched half of it tho! lol

snack wise-going to have a huge bowl of fresh fruit and debating if to use sins for some choccie.hmmm....maybe see how i feel after the fruit lol

night x


gunna be a fatty for ever
ooooh yum!

might go have an apple! lolxxx
lol yeh yeh i know....fruit versus choccie..lololol...was nice tho.....:p....mind you all the talk bout choccie.....wheres that kitkat lol


gunna be a fatty for ever
aww thanks hun! still got a way to go! Put 7 lbs on in dec! and i can feel it too!

well i used my syns up on choccies at my nans! wat a waste hehe 10 syns on 5 choccies! was gutted when i got home and checked the syns out hahah

awww we all do it hun x..and if you look that good just imagine what youl ,ook like at target...boys of sheffield beware lol

(oops sorry if your spoken for already lol)
(oooops lol youve a had a little one too so il shut up)

dont mean to be rude....did you drink a lot over xmas? ..only ask cos il bet most of anyones gain over xmas is due to that part of the over indulgance lol...once you curb it and along with being back on plan the gain will melt away lol x

i put 2.5 lbs on over the three weeks i didnt got to wi - tho il bet its 2.5lbs of pure chcoccie over the two days haha

tc x


gunna be a fatty for ever
hehe its ok!

Yeah i drank looooads! cider, cocktails i even had a glass of sherridens on xmas day an i dont even like coffee haha an not to mention alll the choccies, crisps, puddings fry ups....lalalalaaa i just dont know where they came from!

Gotta go to bed now lol wayyy too tired!

Night hun!

love katie
:) hiya kae if your around..hows it going?

KISSME you about? i cant pm and havnt been able to find you in here since you added me?

okies...food diary.....

saturday 9th jan 210
snow was nasty but did go out just to get out of the house!

b/fast hot weetabix (he a&b)
lunch -
2x bread (he b)
tom sauce (2 sins)
veg stir fry with fresh veg and dried noodles
soy n fresh ginger
curley wurly (6 sins)
2 x hi lites (4 sins)

sunday 10th jan
:confused: dunno what happened today....
forgot to get milk day before and local shop had run out so i had toast n marmalade-full sized bread and marg
tried to salvage the day by having beans egg n sw chips for lunch but i really craved more bread so had a chip buttie ...seem to need bread when im hormonal...basically i was fed up and cold all day....had slice of kids pizza and a cookie later on ....
Just one of those times when you eat somthing you know is too high in sins but are driven to it for one reason or another.
im seeing a pattern in my eating habits week from totm...might look into other herbal remedies to calm it down...dont like myself very much when i go off plan like that :eek:

monday 11th jan
:) back on track...
late b/f ..bout 11.30 as woke late and rushed off to school then was too busy to eat when i got back..

2 bread (he b)
tom sauce(2 sins)...yeh yeh boring i know but it does it for me...
hi lite (2sins)

dinner....not sure what to have...all my food seems to have gone from the fridge lol...think il chuck some veggies together with some spicy rice-sin free-and if still hungry before bed il have my weetabix n hot milk (he a&b)....
theres no choccie/cookies/mince pies/sweets etc in the house so im fairly safe tonight lol

its now 6.20 and havnt eaten anything since 11.30 which isnt good really....been busy sorting stuff out to sell on ebay and sorting girls out....itl have to wait til theyre in bed lol.
being busy..deffo is the key for me i think...

feeling i should start some kind of exercise - ive got an air walker...dance dvds and tone up dvds....but ive also got a 2 yr old to look after and 10 month old i have sometimes(my grandaughter) and school runwith a 5 yr old (well walk lol) to fit in....and teens who will laugh at me if they come in and catch me "throwing some shapes" round the lounge :D....hmmm maybe im looking for excuses...
bye for now x
monday 11th jan 11.33 pm

didnt have rice n veggies ...
had huge bak pot with spicy bbq and chilli beans.....very spicy as added lots
of what i thought was bbq seasoning-turned out to be chilli powder lol...:mad: phew!

finally accepted that if there is choccie or cakes or biscuits and crips in the house il try to manipulate my sins so i can have them....this internal fight tween my brain and stomoch cant go on lol..so ive decided to ban goodies from the house til my birthday in feb....it wont kill the kids to eat fruit instead of rubbish!!


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey hun!

i cant buy go ahead/ww cakes etc cos i just eat the lot lol! so i avoid them like the pluage!

i have my first WI tomorrow morning im brickin it lol!

hope u have a fab day!

good luck for tomorrow hun x :D

tomorrow a.m is my first proper wi after xmas lol...its totm tho so god knows wot itl register :confused:...the munchies have gone now tho so thats a blessing and means il get the next three weeks free of cravings lol

2xweetabix (he b)
milk (he a)

4 fresh apricots
hi lite (2 sins)

lunch -
2 bread (he b)
eggs, mushrooms n beans..yawwwwn lol
tom sauce (2 sins)

dinner - not too sure yet maybe spicy rice n veg...bbl x
wi -1lb...not staggering but taking a 3 week absence, lack of any real activity and totm itl do me!

Focusing on body magic at group - im just scraping by at bronze level - 4 x20min brisk walks each day to and from school - when kids in school lol
I have an air walker/dance dvd's and wii fit...really must use them!!!!

Shopping day tomorrow and same prob as last week re getting to shops/having delivery.....dam snow!!....really need to sort this out cos i can see from my food logs im not eating nuff free foods and relying too much on sins to give me an extra boost when it should be fresh fruit and yog...hmmm not good

2x weetabix (he a&b)

lunch-will be
spicy rice (sin free)

hi lite (2 sins)

dinner- not sure yet-prob sw chips n egg


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey hun! a loss is a loss an you said it was totm so you should get a nice loss next week! keep at it!

love katie
hey katie, how you doing?
howd wi go?

yep a loss better than no loss lol...

lo's off shcool cos of snow..and tv isnt working ...thank god no goodies in the house cos feeling pretty fed up and bored lol....


gunna be a fatty for ever
lol aww noooo tv? i heart my tv! lol i have it on in background!

wi went really well! i lost 6.5lbs! i honestly could not belive it! thought shed got it wrong! lol

heyyy!!! see i told you lol...see what booze does to you lol....

mind you i still say their scales arnt always right whatever they say....

ive had wi when ive lost 5 or 6lb ...then the week after lost hardly anything....and one week i lost half a lb and then 6 the week after...its almost like it takes a couple weeks for some weight to register as lost lol...

BUT WELL DONE YOU GIRL!!!!! mind you..dont be thinking you can go mental with food one week and then think itl all go couple weeks after lololol...

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