Bobby69's CD Journey


OK so here is it.

I always wanted a charm bracelet and last year went to buy one only to be told they were no longer available as they were out of fashion. The only person who knew about it was my mum.

About 2 weeks ago mum and I went to the city to visit my sister, her husband and my lovely baby nephew who is 4 months old.

Well when we were shopping one day without warning my sister dragged us into a jewellers to enquire about a charm bracelet for herself. Much to my surprise she was told charm bracelets are very much in fashion and was shown a wide variety of bracelets and charms. She duly purchased a lovely charm bracelet for herself with a lovely security lock on it. When we left the jewellers she told us she was using the charm barcelet as an incentive to lose the excess weight she gained during her pregnancy - about 3 stone. For every 7lbs loss she would buy herself a charm so for a 3st loss she would have 6 charms - she is doing WW and is half way to her first charm already.

When she knew I had tried to get a charm bracelet last year she was all encouragement for me to get a charm bracelet now and use it as an incentive also.

I have changed my method of getting the bracelet slightly as I can only get my charm bracelet when I lose my first 7lbs and then for every 7lbs loss I get a charm. So by my calculations I will get 1 bracelet and 13 charms. I have decided to post on here when I get my bracelet and which charm I get for every 7lb loss.

So here goes for the bracelet!!

Charm 1
Charm 2
Charm 3
Charm 4
Charm 5
Charm 6
Charm 7
Charm 8
Charm 9
Charm 10
Charm 11
Charm 12
Charm 13 - Goal reached

Your braclet will be full up very quickly with all those charms you'll need to buy very soon xx

What a great idea. I reward myself for every stone i lose. The first couple I bought a DVD but for stone 4 i bought rail tickets to london and st 5 the hotel accommodation. went at the weekend and had a great time. keep counting the charms.
Irene xx