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Body brushing and all that....


has started again!!
I love body brushing and do it about once a week, sometimes more when I am in the humour and I am a big fan of massage and using moisturiser after a shower or bath.

This quote was taken to a reply I rec'd on my recent "still here" thread, and I wondered if you all would like to hear what the aromatherapist "taught" us all, in our recent session arranged by our fantabulous LLC!

To do body brushing correctly the brush should be of natural bristle, and fairly soft. The lady bought up the entire stock of the Boots detox brush to bring to our group, and charged us the Boots price too. (No mark up for the effort she went to for us, which I thought was very fair of her!) They cost £4.50, and I believe Body Shop do a similar one for around the £7 mark.

Body brushing should not be at all uncomfortable nor painful, as a couple of our ladies thought it was. It should be done ideally once a day, first thing in the morning, just before your shower. THen have your usual warm shower, but if you can bear it, end it with a cool blast to stimulate your skin.

Body brushing will slough off the top layer of dead skin, but it will also help set the lymph system in motion if done correctly. Always use the brush briskly & firmly, but NOT hard, and brush in the direction of the heart. (Lymph is not pumped, as blood is, and will benefit from the help of the brushing, helping to detoxify the body.) So....brush up the legs, down the neck and chest and in a circular motion from right to left on the tummy area. This will also help improve the digestive transit too.

As an aside, a similar motion as described above for the tummy, but as a firm massage applied when lying flat on your back, will help those of us with constipation too.

The other thing the lady offered us was a custom made (for LL clients) aromatherapy massage oil for skin tightening. She advised us to apply this after out stimulating shower, pouring a 1p piece into a palm and smoothing over each area in turn. I realise that there is no miracle cure for the huge amount of sagging skin that I have as a result of my weight loss so far, but I am prepared to give this a go, and see if there is any slight improvement. At least it wont do any harm, and the cost is def not prohibitve!

Our LLC plans other visits from people that can add interest to our journey and help us with beauty, clothes, health etc, and I for one am really grateful for the help!

Sorry if this is a boring post too, but just wanted to share!
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Very interesting, I don't know anything about body brushing and may give this a try. I also have bags of saggy skin unfortunately!

I wish our counsellor would come up with an idea like this!


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What a fab post!

Really enjoyed reading that! Very useful Sez!
I have two brushes hanging up that I have hardly used since the first month - I shall set to get my lymph on the go!

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