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Body magic!

I had the wii fitness coach game for the Wii for christmas and have been doing 30minutes every day since monday and a few 15minute sessions on my exercise bike. I really enjoy doing it which is a good sign and as the days go on, I seem to ache less after each session, which is a bonus. I was wondering what everyone else does and if it makes a difference in their losses. I really want to make a difference and am not sure if I am doing enough or too much!!

Thanks everyone x
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Well my love is swimming but I've let my membership lapse so haven't done anything since I started! Mind you it's 4 days so I'll give it time lol. Also love going out on my bike. I always notice a huge difference to my weight loss when I exercise regularly so well done you for what you're doing! Must say tho I don't weigh because once u start to build muscle it seems like your not losing weight very quick so go by your clothes and measure if you want. I would never say you can do to much or too little unless your doing nothing lol. Saying that lots of people lose quite happily on SW not exercising so its a personal choice. Note to self 'get you blooming membership back while the specials still on'!

That is what I wondered about! My consultant said it was a myth that you weigh heavier when you exercise and that this only applies to just after you have had a work out or whatever because your mucles expand or something. How much truth is in this I don't know. I will keep it up anyway even if it's just for the health benefits.
You can tell her from me it's true! The sciency bit, you actually break muscle fibre when you exercise so it builds back stronger this is why you should eat more protein when you exercise (depending on how much you do but just little bits of chicken ect on a red day of course unless u do EE) because you muscles are made up of protein. It's like breaking a bone it comes back stronger and bulks up, like muscle does, just think of the body builders. I notice a difference when I exercise, when I was swimming at my most I was into a size 12 and thin, but the scales would not budge below 11stone, I would never have been a size 12 before at 11st. Also bought scales that measure your body fat and it dropped alot from not very good to good. I would love the wii fit there's not one person I've heard saying it not good they all say its mega fun, must drop some big hints to hubby lol ;-)
Can I give you one more tip? I don't know the sciency bit behind this just that it weirdly works for me. Funnily enough I heard alex on CBB the other night saying the same thing I was quite surprised! I drink a black coffee (no sugar) before I start exercising and I can actually feel my metabolism speed up, I also don't eat before I exercise unless it's later in the day. Like I said I heard alex (the boxer) say the same thing so there must be something in it? I also noticed increased weight loss if I left the milk out of my coffee all the time, for awhile I thought I was allergic to it but I don't now. Have milk in my coffee now because I enjoy it but might go back to black again.
I quite like black coffee so might give that a go. have already eaten today so will be a later work out for me but will be back to morning sessions as of tomorrow!
I thought not eating before you exercised was bad because your body goes into starvation mode? Maybe it depends on how much exercise you do though.. I like doing 5 mins of steps on the wii fit before breakfast to wake me up but figured any more than that wasn't good?
i do 60 star jumps
12 min jog on spot
20 squats
60 star jumps
12min jog
20 squats
60 star jumps
12 min jog
20 squats
60 star jumps
i do this 5 times a week and i cant believe the difference in my body shape since starting it. Just proves you dont need an expensive gym membership and its easy to do at home so i dnt need to get a babysitter for my toddler :D


Strutting her stuff
Muscle is good so you shouldn't let a fear of developing it put you off exercising. 1lb of muscle tissue is denser than the same weight of fat, taking up less space and that is why you lose inches. Women in general don't build huge amounts of muscle as they don't have the testosterone levels that men have, and their weight training is based around low weights with lots of reps rather than lifting huge amounts. Also 1lb of muscle burns more calories than 1lb of fat while you are exercising but also while you are going about your normal daily activities.
has anyone else ever done aeroball? i did it when i was in primary school on an activity holiday, but today me and some friends went to a local sports centre to have a go. it is so much fun, and really works you hard. ok, I'm not fit, but it was enjoyable, definately increased my heart rate and breathing rate and is something I would love to do again. The great news for unfit bods is that you can only book 30 mins at a time, the bad news is that it's so much fun that you don't want to get out of the court!


Wishing and hoping!
I do Davina Power of Three - at first I was always knackered but over time its too easy and I am getting fitter. I also walk to uni which is about a mile most days :) but just purchased Davina My Thrity Min Workouts - which I am looking forward doing.

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