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Body Optimise site down - grrr.

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its all down :(
It's sooooo annoying!! I wish they'd do maintenance in the middle of the night or at least in the afternoon or something. I rely on updating my food diary in the morning!! x


One day at a time
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I wonder if this is the time that they are doing the new website they promised. I knew it was due soon and was supposed to bring bodyoptimise and slimming world more inline although still with some differences it said.

Annoying as I've finally had a good loss and am busting a gut to get on there and log it! :p

Was just thinking - they said that the new name would be Slimming World Online instead of Bodyoptimise. I assume the web address will be the same. I know they said our login details would be.


My belly this will be!
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Just a bit more information would help - if this is what is happening it should say so on the site instead of just leaving everyone hanging. :mad: This is just bad planning, bad marketing and altogethr badbusiness especially as they sent me an email this morning to record my weight. We had our site crossed over - it was offline half an hour..... and we did it at midnight. Eejits comes to mind.
Yep, this is crap! Logged on at 7am (6am England) and again 3pm (2pm England) and it IS STILL OFFLINE!!! Arghhhhh!! Oh, and I am extra grumpy as I feel like I have been kicked in the face with a horrible head cold and have just found out I have to syn Lemsips:cry:and can't log on to find out how many syns they are each:cry::confused::jelous::wave_cry:
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I did stumble across something saying that they were effectively merging bodyoptimise with the other SW site soon - but I really did stumble across it, it wasn't advertised very well at all!

And yes, if that is what they're doing - they really could have planned it better, and done the work overnight!
How annoying that the site is down.:mad:
Janey, I have searched Minimins and found that Lemsip, all varieties are 1/2 syn per sachet. Hope this helps? Get well soon.:flowers:
Thanks Hajis-sweetie - half a syn is not so bad :) Only had one lemsip - am now having a 2.5syn Mojito!!!
You'd think they would have done this when we were not all having to attend Crimbo stuff etc. Grrrrrrrr.


My belly this will be!
S: 10st10lb C: 9st9lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 1st1lb(10%)
Bout time for an update then - but surely it doesn't take this long - unless they are having it done on the cheap by a numpty.

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