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Body shape - where does your fat stay?!!

sweetie darling

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Hi, I hope this is an appropriate place to put this thread. I have a question for you all, I think this site is prolly the only place I'd really be able to ask it (& get a sensible reply! lol!!)

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone else experiences a more noticable weight gain in certain areas. I mean I know us ladies can be classed as different shapes, such as pear, hour glass, apple etc, but I mean more unusual than that. I've noticed in a lot of people I know who have diabetes for example. They tend to have lovely slender legs & arms but are more prone to being ''apple'' shaped & carry weight around the tummy (this could just be coincidence!)

My issue is my arms & my legs. I have MASSIVE arms & serious cankles!! Honeslty, even when I lost weight & was a size 8 in jeans I could not get boots to zip up, & I'm talking about regular ankle boots too, not just knee highs!! My legs are like an elephant, no matter what dress size I am, there's no shape, just chunky all the way down. My arms are huuuuuuuuuuge. I'm not exaggerating this, I find it impossible to wear shirts & really difficult to buy a coat. Jumpers are ok cos they stretch but again, even when I was a tiny size 8, I'd need a 14 or 16 coat to fit my arms in (& u can imagine how silly that looked!)
Yes I've been doing all the correct weights etc to try & combat my bingo wings, but because it's such a massive difference in weight gained on my upper arms & my legs I've recently begun to wonder if there's a reason for this, is it medical, treatable? I'm one of those girls who looks at other people's body shape to see if it's just me who's this odd & I can tell you I've never seen anyone look like this (even shay on the biggest looser pre weight loss had better shaped legs & arms than I do!)
I've tried googleing it, but obviously only come up with the scary diagnose yourself websites!! So I thought I'd see if anyone here had any similar thought??
..... maybe it is just me????
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my stomach, i struggle to lose anything from there and it drives me crazy.... i wish it would go somewhere id like it to, boobs for example! but nope, always the belly.... pfft.


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My boobs don't shrink much, and I tend to struggle to lose the "bigs lumps stuck to my sides" too... I also find that I tend to have a fat belly even when I have lost weight - I actually seem to have two distinct bellies, one above and one below my belly button!! - the fat above my belly button is last to go, I've never had a flat stomach, sadly.


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Sides of my thighs (called saddlebags I think) and my bum :cry: surely these have to be the worst places ever to not be able to lose weight from :(

well it is for me :eek:


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Before kids it was my thighs and bum but ever since it's been my belly

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I just kind of spread out all over :(. If I had to pin point the fattest part of my body it's probs be my belly or my stupid back fat :( grrrr
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Oh gosh you read my mind!! I'm a pear shape, small(ish) boobs and wide hips, I HATE it! My hips, thighs and bum carry alllll of the weight and I have a small waist, really hard to find clothes to flatter me! And like you I have bingo wings, they are ridiculousss, so flabbyyy even with weight training ew! I wish I was an hour glass.


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Belly and hips. First place it goes on and the last place to come off.


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Everywhere:p But mostly on my belly and hips


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my fat is distributed everywhere! when I lose weight it's like taking the outermost russian doll off of the stack. my face, upper arms, boobs, waist, belly, hips, butt, and thighs all get smaller.


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Belly belly belly!!! And my evil back fat! When I was close to goal last year had boooooootifull legs and arms and butt...........with a wobbly belly and backboobs!!! Lord knows why haha!

If your struggling with a particular area try asking your GP (can't hurt can it?) and think about hiring a trainer for a few months to specifically work that area? Did you do a lot of dance as a youngster? My best bud has this issue with her legs? They are undeniably chunky even when she's thin but she swears it was the years of dancing? She also struggles with boots so I'll ask her where she gets hers! That said I have fairly well proportioned legs an I still can't zip some up? It may be the boot manufacturers fault!!

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I have two bellys - one above my waist and one under it. The upper belly is always there, even when I was slim. I have what doctors called an 'apron' (overhang) of fat on my lower belly, it is really ugly and I hate it. All the women in my family are apple shaped, I'd love to be pear shaped or hourglass, that would make me feel feminine anyway. I just hope I am not left with loads of loose skin on my abdomen when I have the weight lost.

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