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Body Shape

Dear All

Just wondering how your bodies are changing due to CD... I have lost 2 stone now, but still haven't gone down a dress size on my lower half. My weight is carried on my legs, bum and hips.

I'm a size 12/14 top but 18 still on the bottoms. The 18's have to be held up with safety pins, but I'm wondering when my legs will catch up on the weight loss (so I can get a size 16 on!).

My CDC says not to worry about it as everything will come together, but I'm wondering what you all think.

Anyone else like this?


PS If anyone knows any good leg exercise do let me know, I walk for England but not use...
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I am bottom heavy and have been using a cross trainer and doing squats and lunges.

I am a 10/12 top and 12/14 bottom depending on where I shop.

The past day I have stepped up my legs exercises though, as hols in 4 weeks. I have been doing:

10 squats where I stay down for 5 seconds
5 lunges on each sides, holding for 5 secs
30 side leg raises with toe pointing up on both sides
30 side leg raises with toe pointing down on both sides
30 side leg kick backs on each side
20 mins on x-trainer

It's working for me. My problem area is my hips - I have a big ring of fat around them that won't seem to go!


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Unfortunately, you can't choose where your body will use the fat stores, and you can't change your basic shape with diet! If I could I would have lost all the weight off my belly!!

But it will level out eventually, but you will always be a pear shaped girl. But hey that's fab, because you are much less likely to develop the health problems unlike us poor hourglass/apple
shaped people (unfortunately the hourglass is classed as apple, due to our ample busts!)


loving life
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Yep i'm an hourglass/apple, all round my tum and it's the last place it's coming off of too. It is going from there but always seems to be on the catch up with the rest. I think where ever your problem area is is where it will go from last -bummer isn't it. The good thing is that you know it will go eventually so don't worry hun.
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I have the same problem, when I was a kid I had to wear trousers in a bigger size and have the waist taken in, cos I have what my (skinny) brother calls 'tree trunk legs'. I have come to the conclusion that it's genetic cos all the women in the family are the same lol


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I had the same problem when I started this diet!! The first two stone came off my top half - although my boobs have ended large still.

But I felt exactly the same, as my top half was slender - but my bum and hips were still wide!!

However in the last stone and a half, the weight has started coming off my hips and bum!! I am now a size 12 top, and comfortable 14 bottom.

My aim now is to make my bottom half a 12!!!! So I say - bring on the next stone (or should it be, bring off the next stone!! ha ha)

Your body will even out babe - just keep with it!

I have lost 3.5 stone and only today do I feel comfortable in different/new sizes. However I am top heavy, shoulders not chest sadly :rolleyes: So I have lost everything on my legs/stomach and nothing hardly ontop. I am not too bothered though as I have a good 4 stone+ to go :D


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I have lost most of my weight on my waist after having a baby which is fabulous having said that i have only lost 13lbs so far (although could be more by now waiting for weigh in next monday) .... i always lose weight off my waist first and unfortunatly my boobies :eek:( I have tree trunk legs or as my partner calls them thighs of steel haha .... so i cannot wait too lose it off them! good luck hun x

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