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Just a little reminder that it's coming to that time of year for all the nice things to eat to be filling the shelves at the supermarkets. BOGOF's are rife but please be careful, buy 1 eat 1, buy 2 eat 2, twice as much damage done. We can all tend to over indulge during the festive season and then live to regret it in the new year. Do you want to be one of those people who come on here on Jan 1 moaning and groaning under the influence of mince pies and nibbles, saying oh I wish I hadn't? Then DON'T. Think very carefully when shopping as tempting as stuff looks, go with a list and don't deviate, better still send someone else to shop. Lets not be like some shoppers I've seen with their trolley straining under the weight of chocolate, cakes, nuts, sausage rolls etc. And do not make the excuse "I'm buying them for the kids or hubby" they will eat whatever you buy. Christmas lunch is a wonderful family meal which is to be enjoyed not endured cos there's too much.

Anyway, just thought I would mention the obvious really, I'm sure we are all going to be righteous over the holidays, but just incase, what is your weakness and why? xx
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Cadbury's Roses, Quality Street and Thorntons chocolate always tate better at Christmas and Im not really a chocolate fan!!! But I love them!!

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The only thing I can't resist if I buy them is Pringles. Last year I bought 3 tubes to take to Mum & Dads for Xmas day - I think I ate them, plus the replacements and part of the second replacements too! The rest goes under the bed and I remember them about February!


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The tin's of chocolates and biscuits are already being sold quite cheaply in the supermarket's - I've bought a tin of Roses's choccies, and a tin of Fox's choccie biscuits, but hopefully my DH will enjoy them on his own this Christmas......
I work for Tesco and there is some talk about with BOGOF, that you buy one and get a voucher for the other to pick up at another time. The reason being, fresh stuff such as veg, fruit, meats, etc., many people end up throwing it away, so its would save waste. Sounds like a good idea, lets hope they implement it. still have to be controlled on the chocs though!!


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I have learnt from past experience at Xmas, DON'T buy ahead! If I do I end up eating it and having to buy more!
I no longer buy Xmas cake! Only OH and I like it , so we eat it (with Wensleydale of course!) between us :eek:
I do get selection boxes for my grandchildren, but they demolish those, and last year I got a tin of roses, but made them take it home!
I do get Xmas pudding tho! It's my favourite! I would go without everything else to have it! (I have already got a turkey breast from Aldi for our Xmas lunch) Lets face it Xmas lunch isn't bad per se. But once a year I will have my pudding (at tea time cos I'm too full to have it after lunch!) complete with cream, and cut down afterwards.
Funny how motivated I am to lose weight come Jan 1! If only I could replicate it all year!
It's the nuts that I love - I just can't stop once I start, fresh hazelnuts, walnuts and brazil nuts. Well I'm just not buying them this year and I bet no one else will miss them!
Volovants (how ever you spell it lol) filled with pretty much anything - cann't resist, a buffett just isn't a buttett without them. Chocolates, we buy a tin of something and when the family come round and we play Newmarket, instead of playing with money, we play with the chocolates. Usually ends in fights as people eat other peoples winnings but the evidence is just not there to prove it lol.


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I love the red lindor chocolates, pringles, honey cashew nuts (especially M&S who have a BOGOF offer on them at the moment) and Baileys (the only time of the year I buy a bottle!). I keep my Christmas "goodies" at my mum's then I'm not tempted!!
At Christmas I'm always tempted by biscuits, cake and alcohol. Normally Mum leaves mince pies and jam tarts on plates in the living room during the week before Christmas Day and my Mother-in-law always makes a lovely Christmas cake from scratch. She also always has a buffet table laid out for anyone who may drop in for a cup of tea. All the food and drink around at Christmas is such a temptation! I'm hoping to enjoy the cakes/drinks/food/etc but not go mad. :)
The cheese board every time - watch the eastenders special with it resting on my lap and by the end at least 3/4 is gone and half the crackers!! This year am going to have seconds on my lunch to fill me up and put a small portion on a plate with a few crackers. Let someone else enjoy it this year


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mums just brought us a tin of quality street as they were 2 for £7 in asda so i told her to keep hold of them as they would have been opened before i got home