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Boo! x Stuck in a rut & giving up!

Hey everyone x

Sorry I`ve been absent on here lately, Hope everyone is doing well :) x

Things aren`t going so well here :( I started weekly exercise/dance classes and have been keeping my cals to between 1200-1500 and am just not losing any weight at all :cry: I haven`t gained (so far!!) but my weight just refuses to budge and I`ve just had enough now :sigh: I think my body just believes that this is the weight I should be :confused:

I have hospital next Thursday and am dreading it :/ The appt at the begining of the month was actually next week, So this is the first one since I saw the PS in December. I doubt I`ll have lost much since last seeing them so my BMI is still too high. I do believe they`ll tell me to bugger off anyway so I guess it no longer matters.

I have made peace with myself about my weight. I am still about 8lbs off goal which means I am STILL classed as overweight :( but in the grand scheme of things, I have lost about 8 and a half stone! But after 2 yrs of trying to shift the podge, I think it`s time to start living my life again as it just isn`t moving :sigh:

If, by some miracle the PS says he will refer me himself if I hit my target, I will reassess things ;)

I will still dip in and out to keep an eye on you all ;) You`re all making amazing progress, You should all be proud of yourselves :D

Much love Xxxxxx
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Morning SS...... fingers crossed for your appointment next week, you never know what they might say. Although your BMI is higher than 25, if you have managed to stay around the same weight since December they may think that is good enough...... anyway, have a good weekend.


Trying to stay healthy!
Hey SS, Good to see you back hunny, sounds like you are maintaining really well too.
Where are you tracking your cals hun? i've just discovered Myfitnesspal... are you tracking your exercise cals and eating them too, been reading some pretty interesting stuff about BMR/exercise & net cals etc on the forum over there... not sure just yet what i think about itbut good reading.
just an idea
Hope you will stick around here hun
Hi SS, so nice to see you back on minis. You have done so well to lose what you have and to be maintaining, even though it is a few lbs off what you had set yourself you should be very proud. Hopefully the Surgeon will see how committed you have been and agree that you should have the surgery. Keep us posted anyhow.

My stomach looks absolutely dreadful now that the weight has come off and there is no way I would qualify for a TT and I could never afford to have one privately, so it looks like I am stuck with it, wrinkles, and flabbiness ........the works. If (and its a big if) a man were ever inclined to take me to bed I would have to be wearing corsets, keep the lights off and hope for the best!!!! Still, there are worse things I could have wrong with me........

Hey SS - Nice to see you again! You've done brilliantly both with your weight loss and maintaining it - don't worry about those last 8lbs - focus on maintaining and maybe they'll gradually shift. If they don't, maybe it's because your body is at its optimum where you are now. We are not all the same and whilst some people are naturally skinny, some of us are meant to be a little curvy. It's just the way it is so we might as well embrace it. When I was younger and had a BMI of 22 (so well above minimum recommended weight) my arms were so skinny they looked like they were going to snap. A friend of mine is BMI 19 and looks just right for her.

I hope you do get your surgery - you certainly deserve it! :)


Plod, plod, plod.....
Hi SS. Good to see you again, I echo completely what Allli says, you have done so very well! x

they should look at your weight loss and maintenance. you've done brilliantly. :)


Why Be Normal?
Hi LiSe,

I know that the PS is supporting you, so fingers crossed that the PCT will cave and fund it.



Trying to stay healthy!
Morning SS,

How are you doing hun?

Hope all is well with you!

Have a great week



Hippety Hop!
Hi SS, Very interesting point that you make!

I am 5' and in all my life in my slim days I never got below 9.5st. On one occasion I managed to get to 9st and not only did I look quite ill I felt it as well. I am supposed to be 8.5st but as far as I am concerned it's a lot of tosh!!

So what you say about your body being right for your weight now I think is absolutely true...We are all different and as such we can't all be exactly what these statistics say we should... I think it is common sense that we will all be slightly one way or t'other.
Better for you to maintain at the weight you now feel comfortable with - and you look good too - than keep trying to go beyond that level.

Well done you and all the very best to you with your forthcoming app....:)
Hi SS, when is your appointment? Hope everything is going your way xx


Why Be Normal?
Hi LiSe,

How are things?


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