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Boob measuring this lucnhtime

Well, I'm off to Bravissimo to get the old wobbly wonders measured for the first time ever- if you asked me what size I was/am the answer has always been the same- the biggest bra they do in M&S. They are enormous, and have not gone down much with my weight loss (well, down my body quite a bit- they are very effective knee warmers, better than a tartan travel rug!). I once went to the doc with breast pain and when I revealed them he said "they ARE very large" before he could stop himself.

Just hope they are nice in Bravissimo- been recommended by friends and colleagues of all shapes and sizes. Wish me luck with getting the magnificent beasts (not a TYPO) caged!
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Well my darlings- it is so worth it! The lady who fitted me was wonderful- no hard sell and I didn't feel at all shy in getting the Ta Tas out in front of her (she was mumsy!). They fit every style individually because every one differs, but you know what range you are in- anyway for years I have been wearing 44 Fs

and in reality I am

36 H in a full cup and 34 H in a balcony bra (never had one of them before!).

Wow- I was even in a 34 HH in the really low cut one.

I recommend getting fitted- Bravissiomo were great but loads of other shops do it - John Lewis and markies (though I have not heard good reports of M&S).

Can't wait to put on my balcony tonight for the OH;) should be even fonder of 'the twins' now!
Amazing isn't it Sonkie- I guess when you are big you think you are big all over so assume you need the inches round your back as well as your boobs- Bravissimo only go up to 40, but all the way up to JJ in the cup. Hope this helps with my back- its aching today!

BTW how you getting on with cambridge? On my second day- had cheese and broccoli soup- why does it taste like fish?

Orange bar for brekkie was fab though!!
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Glad you managed to get the beasts caged in something pretty! Welldone by the way I see you have now reached that wonderfull place on your ticker where you have lost more than you still have to lose , fantastic , cant wait to get there myself , you just know you bare winning the war, well the battle of the bulge anyway!
Your posts always tickle me hippoellie, as Ive said before if you havnt got a career in print you really should have one! Why not write an amusing tome about your VLCD journey , it would be a best seller.
Coudnt live without you lot on here brightens my day no end.
Love Carole
Thanks Carole- I do like to have a laugh- especially at myself. Ye I am through the half way mark- I may even post some half way photos at the weekend (gulp!)- it feels glorious- I have to admit that on days like today I am walking on air- and all thanks to this great VLCD way of living- plus the fantastic support from minimins

Yesterday I went to John lewis and bought a Planet suit and Gerry Webber shirt in SIZE 16!!!!!! In M&S I am still in 18 so I didn't think I would get near these designer clothes. I have spent so much money I may gobankrupt next motnh, but right now I am loving being in all these fabulous clothes.

Oh and BTW, OH is VERY HAPPY with new over the shoulder boulder holder arrangment- nearly had to cancel my gym class;):D


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You must, Irene, they are wonderful there, and such a HUGE assortment of clothes and underwear for us very well-endowed ladies. New brochure just arrived this morning and it's better than ever.
I was tempted to go to Bravissimo today but I'll wait till later this week. I haven't had myself measured since pregnancy (by M&S), so I am looking forward to it!

I have received the new brochure and I agree that their bras are FAB!!!! Can't wait!
Glad you're happy with your posh new brqas hunny :) I was taught how to measure years ago and cannot believe that in this day and age so many bras are still not fitting the sizes that women are measuring up as!

I actually measure up as a 44B but if I put a 44 bra on it swims so badly it's unbelieveable :( I am actually wearing a 38D which fits perfectly (wires comfortably against ribcage, no boobilage overhang, no flab squishing over top and no back riding up!!!!

Would love to go to Bravissimo and see what size they make me LOL. Might just pay a visit to their site and see where their shops are LOL x


finding my way again !
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when i started out i wore a 40E (M&S fitted) a few months ago i thought it was time i got re measured - again M&S - & was then a 38DD. Afew weekends ago i went to FatFairNForty(ish)'s for the weekend & she took me to her "bra lady" & i was astonished tomeasured at a 34FF :eek:, i was never a 34 even in my slimmer days.Now i just need to get another bra or 2 !!
I was in Bravissimo in Leeds the other week and I am going tomorrow got another fitting booked in. I have used them for years.

I was a 38GG measured by them in August last year. I am now a 32E after loosing over 5 1/2 stone. I love the bras and the clothes they stock.

Getting myself a swimming costume tomorrow now I am at my goal weight



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there isnt a branch near me but think i will treat myself when next in london :D


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Though I suppose it doesnt have to be Bravissimo.....debenhams and derry`s do it I think.....Sam had a fitting a while ago will ask her where she went.
Yes- lots of people do fittings- but then lots of em don't stock the sizes. markies are out for me now as they don't seem to go up to H - I bought a 38 G there in case going up one and down another would do the business, but too much boobage over the top and not enough support at the back.

A few weeks on I can report that my backache has virtually disappeared! BUT- underwired bras are no good for gym class...

Actually I need to go back and buy some more.

As for sizes Bravissiom start at a D cup, so any Trinny-bosomed women won't get a look in!

Also- more people notoced the extent of my weight loss once I was in the fitted bra- so if you are not getting the compliments, go get em done!

And, as I hinted, OH is VERY happy.

Pity they don't stay up there when the bra comes off though...


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
ive been measured in M&S twice...in a short space of time without losing weight inbetween and got told 2 different sizes so i dont think they r any good to be honest.

tho they have some nice undies...just dunno which size i need lol
I went to Bravissimo in Glasgow a few months ago and they said I was a 38K and they didnt have anything big enough in the shop!!! I was mortified - but they kindly suggested a couple of websites I could go to - and I did. I am now "down to" a 38J so may venture back in to see what they have in my size.
A number of years ago I went to see about a breast reduction on the NHS - even the old surgeon (cupping them in his hands like a pair of watermelons as he did so) said "Mmmm yes they are rather large aren't they!" Again, mortified .... Have decided that once I am down to target I'll probably need an uplift op - and I think I'll go for it.... purely for vanity though as fortunately they dont give me a sore back.
ANYWAY Bravissimo staff are fab and theres no doubt a well-fitting bra makes you look so much better so go for it girls!

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