Boob Prodding


I just thought I'd share this with you all and see if anyone else had had a similar experience.

This morning I had my boobs prodded. I was just stood in the office and this person stood in front of me and prodded with finger, not one boob but two, one after the other. The prodding action was accompanied by the words. 'These are going down you know'. Oh the person was female, if that makes a difference.:eek:

I have know this person for about 12 years and would say we are quiet friendly and our daughters are good friends. But it was just very obscure. Another person might have ended up bouncing off the wall at the other side of the room taking such an audacity. But I just stood there and proudly annouced I have lost 6 and a half pounds this week. Am I so short on recognition for my weight loss acheivements that I readily accept being prodded? Am I going mad? Or am I suddenly living in some extremely odd parallel universe?:confused:

Pffff, LMAO sorry but that really tickled me! What a liberty though, LOL oh well at least she acknowledged your fab weight loss :)
Look on the bright side someone has NOTICED.... Does it feel good that someone thinks it great that you have lost weight and you know you've worked for it... or should i say abstained for it....

Well done skinny
OOOOH I would hate that!

I hated it when I was pregnant and people thought it was ok to touch my bump, even vague people I hardly knew!

I felt invaded lmao!

Great that she noticed though!

Hi W

I think it's great that she felt that she is close enough a friend to be able to be so personal. I'm sure she is proud of you.

Not 100% sure how I'd have felt in your situation myself though.

Dizzy x

... and thanks for your comments.

Yes it does feel great to get the positive feedback. And in truth, now that I am over the shock, I keep having a chuckle. and inspite of the boob prodding, she will remain a good friend, though if she prods anywhere else she might just have to have flying lessons.:D