Book-Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating


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I haven't got it, but have looked around the shops just for a quick preview. Can't find it though. It's on amazon, but can't have it coming through the post:eek:

Don't usually read these kinds of books. Just curious really since I've heard good things about this one and the smoking quit one that she wrote.


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Yes, I've got it. I don't particularly go for "self-help books" but bought it as I came off CD. It is full of good advice and intersting theories. It is easy to read and understand and seems pretty simple to put the ideas into practice.

Definitley worth the money for the book


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Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating - by Gillian Riley

Anyone read this book? Is it any good? Certainly has some excellent reviews:cool:

Good book - would definately recommend it - she's a lovely person too - attended her Eating Less course just over a year ago - her principles are interesting - bit different from the usual 'stop when you're full/eat when you're hungry' - She wrote a stop smoking book based on similar principles which I used over 10 years to stop smoking. I plan to use her guidelines (along with thin secrets by Lizzie Kingsley) when I move to maintenance.