Books that help? weird weight loss help??


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So I'm doing cc and I thought as I am now determined to lose all the weight now before my next birthday in December 2010 where I will be the big 40, I would like to be a little 40 lol I just thought to myself how long have I been at the weight loss thing??? Time I did it for good.

So with determination I went into Smiths and purchased a new calorie counting book and another book called Positive Shrinking by Kevin Laye and Paul McKenna.

Now they say that alot of over eating is emotional ie you feel unhappy you want lots of junk food to feed the emotion and to 'treat' yourself, this is very true. They then go on to say that you can alter your mood by usuing a 'tapping technique' whereby you tap various places on your body and your mood lifts..

I am sceptical I'm afraid. Doctors wouldn't hand out Prosac would they. There is a tapping technique for cravings, I have tried it it works but only so my hands have something to do other than grab for that food :eek: ... I'm only human.

I will keep trying with these technques though, if nothing else they are training me to at least stop before I eat. I am finding myself tapping each time before I eat just to reign myself in and think..

yeah people are gonna section me soon :):D

happy new year dieters

Let's make this the year of THIN!!!
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be intrested to see how it works what you think of the books ... i am struggling with how to get the rest of the weight off stay off this time ....
good luck you little tapper !!


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well i thinking about buying the Paul Mckenna .. i can make you thin . The book and cd . Some people on here says it works as he gives you techniques and the cd is like sybliminal (cant spell) messages which help you to resist the fatty foods . Who knows but i will give anything a try once or twice.


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I've read the Paul Mckenna book, i think the principles are good, eat when your hungry, stop when your satisfied, eat exactly what you want, enjoy every mouthful. But to be honest the concept of intuitive eating has been around for a while, he has just packaged it up nicely and added a bit of tapping into it. The tapping thing just didn't work for me, when i want chocolate no amount of tapping distraction is going to take my mind off it.
I have read people that have been successful with it, if anything it takes you off the dieting carousel and makes you more at ease with your body.


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Yeah I can't get round the tapping thing, it's meant to go on pressure points or something, actually i find it's just a distraction from eating. I think The Paul thing, whilst giving good advise is a rip off as has been said we have seen it all before...