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Boo's Weight Loss Bloggy Thingy


Is a woman on a mission.

I am a bit of a binge eater and a shocking procastinator so I am hoping to get and give support while on this wonderful site. I weigh 14st 2 and I shall healthy eat myself to goal of 10st 7.

My plan is good ole calorie counting and 30 minutes of exercise every day...and so far so good.

I look forward to chatting to you all soon.

Love 'n'good wishes to you

Boo x


I have found my old diary for 2008 - 6 years ago.
:eek: And in six years I haven't lost a pound.... not a bloody ounce. Well actually I have probably lost 200 pounds but have put them all back on.

I can't go another six years feeling so fat and fed up... I must lose weight and change my lifestyle to a healthy, energy promoting one.
I have a size 12/14 dress lined up for a party on New Year's Eve... it is hung in my bedroom; it will be mine to wear and look amazing in.

Things have changed quite a bit on every other front... I am now in my early forties, have a three year old little girl (who is an absolute blessing) and my son is now 23 and lives and works in another city.... from a selfish teen he moved on to become an intelligent, hard -working, bright young man with a good career.
I am single... so I have space to be focused, indulgent and enjoy the journey, This old, old diary.... will become a success story.... six years in the making, but I'll do it!!

Boo x
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we will be watching you !! xx


Right to the 'point'
All the best :)


Is a woman on a mission.
Thanking you very muchly Pug :)

I was intending to update my diary yesterday but I mooched into the arcade and ended up spending 6 hours on Scrabble blast...tres addicitve.
I had to quit in the end as my eyes started to hurt but it kept me out of the fridge which was great!

Today was my weigh day and this week I have lost three pounds...which I am over the moon about...but it has been hard work...going to bed with a rumbling tummy and taking the dogs for an hours walk every day at 6am and then again at 9pm. But it's sooooo worth it.

The last couple of days have been stunning here in East Yorkshire, gorgeous sunshine, birds singing, cold and crisp but best of all NO rain. It feels like Spring already, which tends to make me feel fab and raring to get stuff done.
I may even start painting the hallway today...emphasis on the word may.;)

Today I am planning to eat:
B/fast - nothing because I don't get hungry until 10am.
10am - Fresh Fruit Salad
1pm - Large chicken salad
6pm - Quorn Spaggetti Bol
Anytime snacks - banana protein shake (additive free), carrot and pepper sticks and prawns (yummy.)

Exercise? 40 crunches for the flabby tum, 1 hour brisk dog walk and 30 minutes on my favourite exercise toy...The Step.

I will be upping my water intake today too...I have been drinking around 1.5litres and would like to make it 2.5litres...I know I will be peeing like a racehorse but all that going up and down stairs to the toilet is fabulous for weight loss, right? lol.

I am hoping to post some before pictures in the next few days...not very pretty as I am in my undies but they certainly inspire me to shed the excess weight as I look so roly poly.

Well, that's me done, I have some accounts to go and sort out.
I wish you all a fun and fabulous day and hope to chat soon.

Boo x

:wow:GoalWeight: 10st by 31/07/08:wow:
StartWeight: 14st 2 on 23/01/08
Current Weight: 13st 4


Is a woman on a mission.

So I intend to spend the next week being super healthy and consistent to hopefully repair any damage by the next weigh in...wish me luck.

Have a fan-tabulous evening lovely peeps :hug99:

Love Boo x
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Hi Boo

From one emotional eater to another :hug99:

Glad to hear you've put this morning behind you and are back on track:) Well done on your losses so far and welcome to Minimins, you'll love it here:D



Is a woman on a mission.
Awww Minilady :thankyou:

I am liking it here very much, lots of support, friendly peeps and a lot of weight loss inspirations like your good self.

Take care Boo x


Losing the baby fat
well you did the right thing afterwards, so thats a great start.
you'll know doubt have more trigger moments where you'll reach for the crisps and you'll feel bad again BUT... over time it'll get easier and easier - just dont try to be perfect straight away, if ever lol.
You know the problem triggers, you need a damage limitation plan at the least.

best of luck, you're well on your way to that goal weight!!


Is a woman on a mission.
Thanks Rowan X I am feeling better today...kicking my diet's butt by eating lightly and drinking well...water that is :)

I did wake up at 3am with shocking heart burn...I felt sooooo sick. I laid there like you do when you have been drinking saying "never again...never bloody again." This time I hope I mean it.


Right to the 'point'
Thanks Rowan X I am feeling better today...kicking my diet's butt by eating lightly and drinking well...water that is :)

I did wake up at 3am with shocking heart burn...I felt sooooo sick. I laid there like you do when you have been drinking saying "never again...never bloody again." This time I hope I mean it.
Hopefully you will get it back again, 3 days I find is what it takes for the body to adapt to the changes.

And I just noticed your goal date is 1 day after mine....just thought that was cool.


Is a woman on a mission.
Cheers Pug :hug99:...I am already back into the swing of things and feeling fabulous today.
I had an 800 cal day yesterday to make up for some of the previous days damage and exercised loads.

Cool...your goal day is one day before mine...race ya. :p

Boo x


Is a woman on a mission.
Well it's a gorgeous sunny Saturday here and I am feeling in fine form :p...I have been to Asda and bought myself some Salter kitchen scales after reading an article about how much we tend to over estimate food size portions when counting calories.
I was flabbergasted to note that I actually under estimate my carb sized portions by about 100%...giving myself a portion and only writing down what is in effect half the calories.
So I reckon I must have been eating around 1400 to 1800 calories a day rather than 1100 to 1500 cals that I thought.
However it is quite encouraging to me as I have been losing 3lbs a week on a lot more calories than I thought. :D

So this week I am going down to a proper 1100 to 1500 cals with measured portions, hopefully I will continue with the decent weight loss.

I am going back to the supermarket shortly as I forget my skimmed milk doh! but I have decided to walk rather than drive so that should take me a good hour and burn some fat.
I have just discovered the song Stronger by Kayne West, I know it has been out a while, however when I am exercising it does make me want to work that bit harder.

Yesterday I wrote myself out a treat list for every stone I lose...(four to lose altogether) and I only have another 2 lbs to go to get to my first stone yipeeeee...so when I do I am buying myself a new pair of large, gold hooped earrings.
When I get to my main goal of ten stone, I will be treating myself to a professional massage...can't wait.

Well boys 'n' gals gotta dash, I got stuff to do in this gorgeous sunshine.

have a great weekend peeps

Love Boo x


Is a woman on a mission.
After spending the weekend cleaning the house (well that's how it feels...but then I hate cleaning...it's a good job it burns calories or it wouldn't get done :p) I have had a bit of leisure time this morning and decided to put a whole new set of tunes on my Ipod... I need something to motivate me to exercise more and some fresh tunes might do that.
I have added:

Justin Timberlake - SexyBack
Fergie - Fergalicious
Rhianna - Please Don't Stop the Music
Basement Jaxx - Good Luck
Outkast - Ms Jackson
Scissor Sisters - Don't Feel Like Dancing
Bee Gees - Stayin Alive (Remix)
Beyonce - Crazy in Love
Kayne West - Stronger
Craig David - Let's Dance
The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger
Wham - I'm Your Man (love the 80's)
Irene Cara - Fame
Jennifer Lopez - Play
Madonna - Dress You Up

And that's it so far. If anybody else has some other ideas for motivational work out songs, let me know as I would like to add a few more. x

This morning at 8am I watched a programme called Slimming Club on Discovery Home & Health. It follows the highs and lows of women trying to lose weight with a Weight Watchers/Slimming World type Slimming Club over a 12 week period. They lose, stay the same and sometimes even gain and their reactions vary from screams of joy to tears of frustration. This is quite enlightning as it makes you realise everybody goes through the same ups and downs whilst on a diet and weight loss is never plain sailing.
I enjoyed it very much...and a new series starts tomorrow at 8am if anybody is interested in watching it.

Well time to get back to cleaning the house :cry:...and then I will be having a lovely slap up Sunday dinner :D so it's not a bad day really.

have a peaceful Sunday lovely peeps

Boo x


Is a woman on a mission.
Afternoonie all :party0011:

I am in fine spirits today as me and the o/h have booked a holiday to Zante which is a Greek island. We are going on Tuesday June 10th, which is exactly 17 weeks.
So now I really have to knuckle down and get some serious weight loss under my belt.
I am hoping to be around 10st 12 by then...so that's an ambitious 2 stone and 6lbs and around a size 14...maybe a 12 if I tone up well.

I haven't had the greatest dieting week, it started with a binge...I have had two really good days of exercise and around 800 cals eaten but the rest of the week has been a picking and nibbling week so I am not looking forward to stepping onto the scales tomorrow. :wave_cry:
But I a putting the rest of a poopie week under by size 18 belt and getting back on with my plan today.
I am aiming for 1300 cals with my menu being:

B/fast - med bowl of Frosties and skimmed milk
lunch - 50gms wholewheat pasta and chilli beans in tomato sauce with a huge salad.
Dinner - Baked coley, with musrooms, tomatoes, peppers and cauliflower in a Skimmed milk white sauce.
Snacks - cherry, grape, satsuma and banana fresh fruit salad.
Two ryvitas and a smearing of honey
50 gms of chicken breast.

That will bring me to 1296 cals for the day.

For exercise this afternoon, I am going to take a good hours walk in this lovely winters sunshine and tonight I will be going on my step for 20 mins whilst watching Corrie. :D

I will report in tomorrow morning after my dreaded weigh in...wish me luck.

Have a super day y'all

Love Boo x x


Is a woman on a mission.
A few tips I have picked up along this journey...

There are a few tips I have picked up along this diet journey that I thought I would share with you.

1) If you are having spread/jam/honey/marmite etc on Ryvitas, put the spread on the flat side rather than the holey side as you use less spread that way.
2) Wait until toast has cooled before putting peanut butter or marg on is, as the hotter toast absorbs more fat.
3) Add water to you semi-skimmed milk, it still tastes creamy but goes that bit further. I don't recommend you do it with skimmed milk though as is is already quite watery.
4) If you don't like the taste of tap water and find mineral water quite expensive...buy a water filter. My filter takes 2litres of water and I fill it up twice a day to ensure I am getting between 3 and 4 litres a day.
5) If you have protein shakes or replacement meal shakes like Slimfast etc try Soya Protein from Holland & Barratts. It's additive free, and can be added to milk, soups and even juices. I find one shake (200mls skimmed milk, 100mls of water and one scoop of protein shake) very filling and it's 140 calories...and it's ony £6.49 for a large tin.
6) Make some homemade veggie soup to keep in the fridge when you are hungry. Virtually calorie free and can really take the edge off your appetite if you have the munchies.
I use two carrots, one onion, handful of shredded cabbage, tin of chopped tomatoes, (whatever other veggies I have in the fridge), a teaspoon of marmite and cover it with cold water. I cook it for 45 minutes...then leave it to cool. I like it chunky but you can blend it down. You can also use chicken stock to make it extra yummy.
6) If you can't be bothered to exercise and really have no motivation, go out for a short walk. The fresh air will lift your spirits no end and may give you that bit of omph you feel you're lacking to get your gym shoes on...if not at least you will have burnt a few calories and got your metabolism fired up.

Feel free to add any tips that have helped you, I would love to read them.

Love Boo x


Right to the 'point'
6) If you can't be bothered to exercise and really have no motivation, go out for a short walk. The fresh air will lift your spirits no end and may give you that bit of omph you feel you're lacking to get your gym shoes on...if not at least you will have burnt a few calories and got your metabolism fired up.

This is the one I would agree with the most for others. I really can't use the gym much as I badly damaged my left knee about 5 years ago playing football so walking is my main thing, can't even cycle anymore! I find if you have an mp3 player load it up with things you really enjoy listening to or new albums. That way you wont mind being out longer than you planned, or even may decide to stay out longer in the first place.

Then again...I don't drive so have little else choice.

Also instead of Ryvita my mum (bless) picked up Crackerbread things from Tesco. About 17 cals each and really nice, I like ryvita but these are better in my opinion.

Great list nonetheless! :)
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