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Boot Sale Help ???????????


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I have just photographed my clothes for ebay and I am stressed, I cannot sell so much stuff !

Have tried to do pics in groups, ie, trousers, vest tops, etc etc..............then realised that I have so much stuff !!!!!!!!

Put quite a few things in the bag for the charity shop too.

A friend suggested boot sales, must admit I haven't been to one in years, but one day and I could get rid of all the stuff I have, including all the stuff my little sister asked me to sell.

Never done a boot sale in my life, has anyone ???

Would love some tips, at least I wouldn't have to post 100's of parcels !!!!!!!!!!
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I've done a fair few boot fairs. You shoudl do ok with larger size stuff, I have found it sells well.


Apart from any 'key pieces' that you know you want to sell at a particular price have a pricing scale in mind eg trousers two quid, shirts a quid, tshirts 50p or whatever. Don't try pricing things individually unless as I say its a coat or whatever that you want a particular amount for.

Be prepared to bundle stuff together and knock a bit off if people are wobbling eg three pairs of trousers say 'i'll take a fiver'

people will try to rummage through whilst you're setting up - its worth having your change ready etc so you can deal with them (or ask them very politely to give you a few mins to get organised!)

Stuff seems to sell better if its hung up like in a shop - borrow or steal a rail or airer to hang things on

Have a stash of carrier bags ready

Have change - I took twenty quid in small change last time as a float. Try not to accept large notes for small purchases.

If you can't hang it all up, lay it out in sections eg tops all together, etc.

Take a chair.

And some tea.

And a brolly and a clear plastic sheet if you can find one - to cover your stuff if it rains.

Don't be afraid to speak to people to draw them in - if you say nothing, people often just move on, but engage them and you're halfway there.

Be prepared to knock down at the end of the sale and get shouting about what you're selling.

Have an absolute minimum price in your mind that you will accept - be prepared to haggle, but if you don't want it to go for 20p, don't take it.

Haggling - start high! (ish)


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Liz that is so helpful thank you !!!
I have managed to locate a clothes rail so that will help ! I hadn't thought of a chair or tea, nor if it rains ! So hopefully with your tips I should be able to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bye bye baby tummy
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What I always do is have a price in mind for something and then add 5 - 10 % onto it, I find thats how much people usually try and haggle ou down to, so you have your price and they think the haggled you into a bargin ;)

if you have loads of clothes try something to get people to buy more, im doing on soon and im selling so much baby stuff

Well im selling it all for 50p an item or 12 for £5

make sure u know why ur doing it, if your doing it for space let things go for a bargin towards the end if ur doing it for the money and dont mind leaving with things stick to your guns

And dont put anything on the ground clothing wise, it gets trod on and then no one wants it cause it looks messy


bye bye baby tummy
S: 14st2lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 1st7lb(10.61%)
oh and i agree about the rail too

If u want things at differant prices clothes wise label them on the hanger this worked well for me last time

and if sellin g anthing that takes batterys take some with you to show it works

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