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Boots Atkins Offer


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Boots currently have a buy one get one half price on Atkins single bars. Id almost forgotten what chocolate tasted like so I treated myself on Saturday to 2 decadance bars and 2 indulgence bar. When I say treated I mean I bought them, I've not eaten them all in one go, although they were hard to resist, but I know what happens if I over indulge in polyoils!

By the way, does anyone know what happened to low carb rolos?
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I don't use the bars and stuff, never have done, they were not available back when I started Atkins.

Sounds like a good offer though.
Low carb Kit Kat? Why did I never know about this? Where have I been? drool...

Not sure what I think of Atkins bars. The one I tried was very odd (double choc indulgence) and definitely not natural. Like Jim I didn't have any while I was actually losing weight.

I do like the no added sugar (sweetened with maltitol) white choc bar from Holland and Barrett (the same make milk choc is awful though). For the life of me I can't remember what the brand is but it claims to be Belgian choc.

Don't eat more than one of these at a time. You know what happens an hour later. ;)


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Hmmm. I think its Malitol that has that effect with me. Not pleasant at all.

The kit kats, I'd forgotten about those. Yum. I guess their sales dropped when Atkins went out of "vogue" and they stopped producing them.


I bought these once from Boots but can't say I was terribly impressed at the time.

I did like the plain sugar free choc from Holland and Barretts though. Sometimes a square was enough just to knock the edge off. Saying that I did cope well on Atkins and didn't give in all that often!
Apologies in advance as this may be a really dumb question, but....

Do you just count the 'net carbs' in an Atkins bar or the total carbs????
How good do they really taste though? It's just I am really concerned that I am setting myself for a fall - I have one of the advantage bars in the fridge and have done for a week now. At £1.89 I can not really justify them becoming a frequent part of my diet but feel comforted by having a 'treat' on hand if I get desperate but I just haven't got there yet. My idea of a treat right now is a great big bowl of fruit salad, and I can't have that so better not dwell. It's just the last thing I want is to scoff the bar and then hit the fruit bowl!
Mmm choc chip day break bars are yummy! Prefer them to the strawberry crisp ones, the choc just tastes like normal dark choc i think and nice to have something sweet every now and again. Not tried any of the other bars yet.

Not low carbing right now BUT,Tesco has the indulgence bars on sale this time last year before they took them off shelf all together - i bought a box and treated myself to two a day, i stopped loosing weight despite not overdoing the carbs.

Anyway they are back on shelf in my local at the moment and have been for a good while so it is possible that they may goon sale again before Tesco wipe the shelves to fill up with holiday stuff- maybe one to look out for anyone who has to have chocolate.

Never seen the kit kats and rolos though.

I liked low carbs until i got too smelly :-(

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