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Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect - have you tried it?

I reckon I must be one of the lucky ones who managed to get a pot of this really easily a few days ago (someone had shoved it onto the cashdesk and wandered off, so I nabbed it muhahahahahahah) and I was wondering what everyone else thinks of the product?

The hype is another matter - maybe it DOES work, maybe it doesn't and I don't agree with mad moos queueing up at 7am for a pot of cream. The Boots assistant actually called it the 'miracle cream' which irked me a bit - ain't no such thing yet, honey - we're still in the 21st century, not the 31st!

Anyhoo - I've been using this stuff twice a day and I'm really impressed with how soft it's making my skin feel. Absolutely love it!!

So I'm going to continue to use it regardless of whether or not it makes me look 10 years younger (fat chance lol), but I have heard some people don't rate it much.

Any opinions?

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I bought some online the other day (it was dispatched yesterday) so I will be interested to see what people say about it .

One question though ? why so many lining up for it when you can get it online?


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I got it really easily too when I happened to wander past Boots in Bishop Auckland the day it came out and thought I'd see what the hype was about.

Been using it since and my skin does feel nice and soft- but it says it takes a month really so I'm waiting for the full effects...

(I got the day and night cream with it cos they were on special offer and they're nice too...I normally only ever get £2.99 Clean and Clear moisturiser so feel I've stepped into a whole new world!)

Lovely to say hello virtually- sorry to miss doing it in person last week (will diary update later-hope you're okay?) xx


I've got some, although I keep forgetting to use it. I have pretty good skin anyway so I'm not expecting anything amazing but we'll see.

It was sold out in every Boots store across the country and it's only in the last couple of weeks that it's been available again, sharonB - hence the queues.


a bit different everyday
its seeling on ebay for 35-45 a pot???
madness isnt it
i tried to get some but all sold out?
might try at the airport
interested to try ,serums are good the shisiedo one is great
Apparently the original survey said that none of them made enough difference to be noticable, but the Boots one was marginally better than the others. Didn't watch the programme myself so not sure how true this is, but I wonder how many of the people who are queuing for it watched Horizon and how much is down to the hype.
I didn't watch the Horizon programme but saw it on GMTV where Dr Hilary Thingy and an independent chemist/scientisty-bloke were discussing it. The doc said it was just a moisturiser and the scientisty-bloke said that in laboratory tests the serum did appear to repair skin samples, but whether or not it would repair wrinkles on human beings was yet to be proven...or something.

I also read several newspaper articles where they tested it on human guinea pigs. One said it made her come out in spots, one said it was useless and one said it changed her life! So I'm giving it a bash lol!



a bit different everyday
waheyyyyyyy I got some on ebay for £18 quite reasonable i thought !!
it came today but i missed it so now just got to go and get it from sorting office

I will let you know what i think!!
OOh you lucky duck, Nat!! That IS very reasonable!!

I keep checking online and my local stores but it's all still sold out (just as well as I can't afford it right now doh!) but I'm starting to panic as I've used up a quarter of the bottle so far and need my next fix lined up lol.

I bought some off ebay (£23) - am liking it! I find its a bit much to wear moisturiser on top though - makes my face like an oil slick! Will give it 4 weeks and report back...
I bought some off ebay (£23) - am liking it! I find its a bit much to wear moisturiser on top though - makes my face like an oil slick! Will give it 4 weeks and report back...
That's not a bad price either, Mrs P.

I find if I wear the No 7 Everyday Fluid (or whatever it's called) then it's not so greasy. But then again, I do have dry, aged skin lol.

hey Isobel I think its working! My open pores have already tightened up! How are you finding it?

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