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Discover Bops WW Discover Food Diary!! Only 1 st 9lbs to go! *Sigh*

Hi All

I am starting the WW Discover Plan today :sigh: and am really hoping that I stick to it as I have tried WW a few years back and it did work but I found it hard to stick to my points as I L.O.V.E my food!! I was converted to SW for quite a while but I was cleaning out the cupboard and came across my old WW books (hence the fact that I am on the old plan not Pro-Points!)

I am not going to go to classes so I am really hoping that me writing down my food diary each day on this will keep me on track. I see already that everyone is great at keeping peoples moral up and telling them of great substitutes to eat if there is something they should try that is lower in points etc thus PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to correct me at any time!

I feel that I am ready now to do something about my spare tyre that is evident in every piece of clothing I own! Therefore I hope you help me along the way to banishing it forever!!


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Hey bops!! I'm on discover too and loving it, this forum is the best thing I've done in a long time and iv stuck with it for more that a week-a first for me, you'll no doubt be saying the same soon. Any questions, please ask as there are so many here willing to help:)
I tried sw aswell but couldn't get the hang of it, WW suits me so much:) xx
Also, I have roughly the same weight to loose Hun! We can do it xx
Thanks for the reply Kimbo1101!

That's so great to know that someone will be with me while I take my weightloss journey!! I hope that we can help each other along the way to reaching both our goals!

I will post my food diary once I snoop on yours and others diaries for what things to buy in Asda shortly as there is no food in the cupboards!!

P.s. I nearly had heart failure when I stepped on the scales!! :cry:


Day 1: 12th July 2011

2 Cups of tea w/ SS Milk- 1
Aplen Light Bar- 1.5

(Had to starve until I went to asda shopping as I had nothing in the house WW friendly!)

60g Medium Egg Noodles- 3
100g Chicken breast- 2
Frozen Stir Fry Veg- 0
Soy Sauce- 0
Teriyaki Sauce- 0

Cup of Peppermint tea- 0

2 slices of Melon- 2
bowl of Leek and Potato soup- 1
6 Melba toasts- 1
Spoonful of Boyfriends Chinese- 2 (Woopsies!!)


I went to Asda today and bought lots of WW foods and fresh fruit and veg to make some yummy things with!! I have already made WW 'All in one' soup which has 0 points and potato and leek soup (with as little potatoes as possible) which will be 1 point value per bowl. I will be having these for lunch at work for the next few days I will imagine with a small brown roll!

I am really looking forward to testing myself with this diet and trying hard to stay within the points!!
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Great first day bops! Keep up the good work:) xx
Day 2: 13th July 2011

Porridge w/ skimmed milk- 2.5
Cup of Green tea- 0

No points soup- 0
Small w/m Bread roll- 1.5
150g Fresh Cherries- 1

60g dried noodles- 3
80g Chicken- 1.5
60g Prawns- 1
Soy Sauce- 0
Teryiaki Sauce- 0
Sweet Chili Sauce- 0.5

2 Pink and whites- 1
Green tea- 0
Tea with splash of SS milk- 0.5

Total: 12.5/19

Feeling great today. Was a bit hungry before lunch but ate some cherries and keep myself busy and I was fine. I keep thinking about things to eat thats low in points yet very filling! So far so good (even though it is only day 2 haha!)
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Hey hun :) Welcome to minimins!! Hope it's going ok so far? Your meals are looking yummy! Keep up the good work, shout if you need any help xx
Thanks chick! Really hoping that I stick to it and get some of this belly I have acquired off lol!
Feel free to comment on anything that I could possibly do better to save some points etc!

Day 3: 14th July 2011

Porridge w/ Skimmed milk- 2.5
Tea with splash of SS milk- 0.5


No points soup- 0
Baked potato- 3.5
Beans- 3
Green tea- 0

Sea Bass- 3
Baked Potato- 3
Peas- 0.5
Broad Beans- 1
Ketchup- 0.5

Pink and White- 0.5

Total: 17.5/19
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Day 4: 15th July 2011

Had all this pointed and it wouldn't save so I don't have the energy to do it again lol.

Had a few more points for dinner than expected as family cooked it. Bit disappointed but I had a few points from the previous few days. I didn't over eat or anything which was good and as it was a salad, had quite a few veggies!!

Total: 23/19
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Hi Hayallen
Good luck with your journey - I am also on discovery, similar to you did WW in the past, tried SW and came back after a while!
I will pop into your diary from now and then if that is OK!


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hey welcome aboard!! there are so many fab people on here to help keep you going. Id be lost without my minimates! discover plan allll the way!!! will be keeping an eye on your diary :D btw...alpen light bars are normally 1 point each :D
Diarys looking fab Bops! Keep it up:) xx
Thanks guys for all the lovely comments!! I will have to have a look at all of your diaries too!!

I have looked through the WW books that I have and already have planned all my dinners for Monday to Friday next week! Also gonna make soups for lunches as they have been great this week as I can have a bowl at 12pm to take the hunger off then one again at 1:30 with a small roll!!

Although I started last Tuesday I'm gonna wait to next Friday to weight myself as thats gonna be my weigh in day from now on. Does anyone think that this is a bad idea and I should do it maybe next wed, then the following thurs, then the next fri?



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S: 17st8lb C: 15st6lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 2st2lb(12.2%)
i would say wait til Friday....we all do sneaky peaks at the scales throughout the week but its not really a good idea. Im gonna try and go til Friday this week without looking as you wont get accurate results. There are a few of us that weigh in on a Friday so we will all be in it together! Sounds like you are really focussed and in the zone...the weight will be gone in no time :D


Journey to a healthier me
S: 14st3.5lb C: 13st2.5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 1st1lb(7.52%)
Hope you're doing ok bop :) xxx
Yeah i think I might just wait to next Friday to get weighed. That will be almost a week and a half so I'll hopefully have a loss that I'll be proud off and it will spur me on to keep going!

Im going to my boyfriends house this weekend so iv made no points soup and will bring it and a few things with me so I can stay on track. I don't like being away from home when on diets because 1 day of overeating can totally knock me off track, but hopefully with my planning I'll be ok lol. Will bring a WW ocean pie with me for lunch on Monday at work too so I know exactly what I'll be eating.

Fingers crossed I'll survive my first weekend without overindulging!! Haha.

Day 5- 16th July 2011

Half OOS w/ skimmed milk- 1.5

1 mattisons turkey rasher- 0.5
Potato bread- 2
beans (small portion)- 1.5
Small glass pure orange- 1

Bowl 0 points veg soup homemade- 0
New york Plain Bagel- 3
60g smoked salmon- 1.5
Extra light philidelphia 2 tbsp- 2 ( I think!)
Tin diet coke- 0

stuffing ones face:
Chicken with cashew nuts- (need to check!)
Boiled rice (half tub)- (check)

Milk for tea- 1

Total: 14/19
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thats the whole point of ww though...its not a diet, its a new lifestyle...and you can have anything you like, as long as you dont go over your allowance you can indulge :) hope you have a lovely weekend :)