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Bored and thinking of food!!!


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Yes me! I have loooooads of work to but have no motivation and ever since I saw the choc chip flap's in our canteen yesterday I have been dreaming about them! Grrrrr :(

I used to be fine when at work and it was being at home that i found difficult but now it is the other way round. I seem to work so much at the moment (got 2 jobs) so by the time I get home late (last night 10, night before 11 etc etc) I don't have time to think andI go into auto pilot cook my 790 meal readmy book watch tv and bed - easy peasy.....those bleeding flap jacks!!! I'm also saving my 790 meal for when I get home tonight as well - so just got to get through til half 3 when the canteen shuts and 6 when I leave here and go to the salon.....

Hmm only 3 hours to go!


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me too! i work in a hotel and theres a restaurant attached and staff are allowed a free meal a day and i cant help but think 'ah go on, just have some lasagne'. cant stop thinkin bout food, especially high carb stuff like chips, garlic fries or burgers etc.
also im playing a match tonight so im thinking ridiculous things like 'i really should have a burger to make sure i have plenty of energy tonight.' like burgers are well known for their high energy content!!??!!
LOL, I am usually fine but I just dont seem to be able to get into work at the mo!!!
Also have only got one pack with me left my bar at home!!!!
I am able to go off down the town and buy wot eva I want!!! The sandwich shop is calling me to have a Salmon and Cream Cheese baguette!!! Mmmmmmmm.
O well I will have to just keep occupied by looking On line. Only 1 and a half days left at work and then 2 days off yay!!!!!
Why is dieting so hard to do!!!!!!!
Going to have to have my first pack a lil bit early me thinks!!!
LOL Delli!!!!!
Yes our minds try and play tricks on us. We are not going to give in though!!!! Think of ur next weigh in and how great u will feel!!!!


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angels delight! theres a blast from the past! havent had that in ages.

we seem to have got sidetracked here, i thought we were trying to stop thinking about food!?!


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hotel receptionist. exciting stuff!! its a family hotel tho, so its not exactly hotel babylon! im a student social worker, so this is just to pay the bills. one year to go til im qualified, scary stuff!!
Thats cool,
I am a manger of a Jewellery shop. I am leaving in 2 weeks to do a teaching PGCE though for a yr and I am so looking forward to it!!! Really ready for a change and to actually get my life sorted!!! Jus bought a coke zero which really helps with the hunger!! Now on 3rd litre!!! How much do u drink??
I just fed the my cat, and even that smelt good today ??????
How sad is that lol
It usually does me, but this is some posh stuff and it looks really nice and does smell quite good lol

Its Goose apparently, How sad is it when your cat gets better fed than you do.
Its our first cat and she is just into adult food so is getting a tad spoilt.


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sorry bo_lady, only seeing ur post now!! im just starting on my 4th litre of water today, but i only drink sparkling water usually cos the water at work doesnt taste very nice. plus i was getting annoyed with running from reception to the bar all the time for glasses of water so now i get 2 2ltr bottle of sparkling in the morning for £1 and keep it behind reception.

am still thinking bout having that burger but tryin my best to resist! doesnt help that the clock appears to have stopped! will it ever be 5pm??!!??
LOL I have just had my first shake, I am impressed I was able to hold out for so long. THen going to have a bar when I get home so I am not starving at dinner and then buy bad food!!!
Do not have the Burger!!!! It will taste gross!!!! Only 1 and a half hours left!! Ive done no work wot so ever today!!!
Just starting my 4th litre too!!!!
Work tomorrow.
Then tomorrow night going to H2B's sisters house party and they r announcing she is pregnant!! Then Sun going to H2B's dads house up north and there is a family bbq on mon!!! So really HAVE to stick to 790 which I think will be easy!!
Althou said I wud make Banoffee Pie for His sisters party. Meant to make it tonight!!


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are u going to make it or are you gonna buy one in the shop? thats what i would do. i couldnt make one and not nibble at it!! you may have guessed but i have almost zero willpower!

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