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Bored at Gym


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I want to know what you guys do to keep entertained at the gym.
I generally watch the TV in front of me but is there anything that keeps you motivated to keep going.
My ipod for workout music and mixing up my workout - new routines and challenges.

Arranging to meet a friend there too - to chat to whilst doing the exercise and encourage each other. xx


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i gte bored using gym equipment, thats why i always do classes instead


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Concentrate on pushing yourself that bit harder if doing cardio, mix it up so that you do 1 min hard and fast, 1 min recovery etc. that way time passes by a lot faster!

Another option is to go to the gym at the right time when you know a certain programme is on...mine is unfortunately neighbours lol makes 30 mins fly by (and you look forward to it!)

Another important point is that if you are simply doing cardio on the machines you probably will get bored...use it as a warm up and cool down some days and pop some weight training in, this isn't boring and you have to concentrate on the lifting technique.
I agree with cardio being boring.
I do weights now, and some cardio in it, and I bring a print out sheet with the exercises listed - a workout log.
So when I do something I can check it off, put some notes about it etc.
It makes me so much more focused having the workout log, I look forward to filling out the log, and it keeps me focused cos it's like 'right I have 2 exercises left and then I can go'. And it's a great feeling of achievement looking back through the log!


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Give yourself challenges. My first challenge was to get on the xtrainer, then to do 5 mins - then the 10 the trainers said I should be doing (as if! was my reply!), Now my challenge is to get my 4km done in the 30 minute programme (not in the 32 that the cool down makes it!) I'm currently at 4.11km the 32 minute, 4km is still as elusive as ever but as my trainers say I've come a long way since 12th May lol.
Then I bike and treadmill it then I go onto the weights. I love the weights and have really increased the programme I started with! I just look out of the window to be honest, I'm too busy trying to better my time and not die in the process lol.
I prefer the gym in the early morning when it's less busy I don't like lots of people
But boring? No way lol
Hope you find a way to make it less boring

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