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Boredom is setting in!


I will get to goal .....
Hey Guys,

Need some info from you lovelies please!

Lost just over a stone on CD :D- a combination of SS, SS+ and the last week 810 but I'm bored rigid :(. I ALMOST fell off big time last night, but stopped myself and felt better for having taken action. I'm just scared this will occur more often and I think I could honestly settle for a goal weight of 8st 7-10lbs. I have just under 3 weeks to my holiday and need to shift 5lbs by then (want to be 9 stone when I go).

Been contemplating WW (there is a class right on my doorstep at 9.30 in the morning) and need to know how much weight (approx) I will regain (if any) from water/glycogen if I switch over to more conventional foods??

Anyone able to help from experience??

Fanx :D
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is gonna do it!!
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Oh No, don't do it. You've done so well and are so close to goal it would be a shame to stop now,. Why not try the muffins or what ever else there is ?


I will get to goal .....
Hey hun, thank you for your reply. I have tried the muffins & crisps and failed miserably :( Wasted 4 food packs and gave up trying!!!
I do a lot of exercise CV & weights and am wondering whether beacuse of this I need more food? Just thinking that WW gives you exercise points. Just don't want to switch if I'm suddenly going to gain weight iykwim.
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well you could always follow a lo-carb version of WW
ie limit the bread and potatoes...

TBH when i used to do ww i would avoid carbs anyway. waste of points and always left me wanting more!

why not go to the meeting and speak with the leader.

good luck xxx

oh and you are so nearly there that this could be your way of maintaining...


I will get to goal .....
Thanks CD08 that's kinda what I was thinking ... and maybe using my left over CD packs to make the transition i.e. follow the 1000 plan foods for CD and slowly introduce other foods iygwim!

I just don't wanna gain and then chuck the towel in altogether and I really miss my long runs :(

BTW it's great to hear you back being positive Mrs, keep that up ;):D


Silver Member
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and that way you'll be out of ketosis and in the mood to holiday! Have a good time!
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hey misses

You can deffo do 5lbs in 3 weeks.Either go back to SS or erm I dunno lol. I've been exercising all day so I dont think I've gained..maybe try what Im doing?



I will get to goal .....
Hey Guys,

Just wanted to say thank you for all your replies! I took the plunge on Saturday and joined my local WW meeting. The extra calories have meant that I could walk the babies an hour each time on Saturday & Sunday. I hit the gym for a big session on Saturday and spent all day yesterday shopping my butt off (so that must have been another 2.5-3 hours walking).

Feeling really good. Trying to stay away from the carbs - just having more or less then 1000 plan but with more protein at lunch/dinner to make up my points.

Fingers crossed I get a loss this week and not a gain! Although I'd be chuffed to STS too!

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