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boredom NOT hunger!


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i always find cleaning my teeth helps, as then i dont want to eat anything as it will taste yuk!
It took me years to realise that the times I felt bored tended to happen during the minutes between 'planned' activities (even the not so active ones!), but after that I usually found myself able to recognise the approach of a bad situation and either take avoiding action or at least minimise any damage by making a decision to eat something that would have a postive impact on my health..... if that sounds a bit priggish, it's not meant to be! I think what I'm trying to say is, that I'm now usually able to stop and think and make a choice, so for the most part, I'm in control.


This is really the time!
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My dietician at weight management told me to write and food and mood diary. One it tells me what mood I am in when I feel like eating. The second thing is, it delays me eating, I drink water while i write in it, and then I do not cheat :)
I have a dietistion too, who told to right about food but not mood I will try that one. I am learning that I am eating when bored but cant seem to stop it. I need to find my will power. Thanks guys x


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I am exactly the same - I feel hungry when in actual fact I am not I am just bored. When I get like this, I recognise the feeling and try to get myself to understand that it is boredom and not hunger. I try to busy myself and keep my mind occupied either by starting to tidy up or reading.
If that doesn't work - I will eat something low pointed ( I am on weight watchers) so maybe pick up some fruit or have a cup of tea with a biscuit and I make the biscuit last as long is humanely possible. Its sad but true and nine times out of ten it works.

Mr Gilbo

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I have a part time job as a nightclub cashier. Currently there as a matter of fact. And im hungry, or the more likely bored hungry.

I always save my syns and bring fruit and a yoghurt with me. But it never helps as I always end up hungry. But the way I see it if I have fruit or something syn free then I'm doing ok.


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You just need something to occupy your mind. I'm the same, eating is a good pass time for me. What I have done to avoid this is create a list of some silly and some productive stuff to do to stop me from getting bored. Even cleaning to the point where I'm rearranging DVD to an alphabetical order.

It's important to write them down because it is easy to get in the dilemma of being bored but now knowing what to do.

Hope this helps :D
Here are 4 things you can do when bored instead of eating:

1) Try Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

There's nothing like trying a new activity or project that you've never tackled before. However it may feel uncomfortable at first - that's how you grow.

Maybe you've always wanted to take a class on home repair. Perhaps you want to learn a new language. Whatever it is, make sure it's something you've always wanted to do, but never had the nerve to try.

Stepping out of your comfort zone not only kills the boredom - it also builds your confidence to try other things as well.

2) Improve Your Mind

If you're stuck in situations that breed boredom (like a half hour of stop-and-go traffic every day), focus on doing something to improve your mind.

Buy audiobooks or download inspirational speeches to your Mp3 player. Listen to a funny speech or learn about how to be an effective leader. There are so many audio and video educational resources these days, there's no excuse not to learn.

And it's a much healthier alternative to snacking.

3) Turn Off The TV

Ok, this one is hard, I know. But try turning off the TV - even if only for a week. While watching TV isn't necessarily bad, it does breed boredom - and boredom eating.

We find ourselves watching a lot of TV, not because we're really into the show, but just out of habit. And then we have to use food to improve the experience.

If you find you have the urge to reach for a snack when watching a show, ask yourself why. Is it because you're actually bored? If so, turn off the tube and do something more interesting like taking a walk or calling a friend.

4) Rediscover Your Dreams

Many times we become bored because we've settled in life. We're no longer following our dreams - we're content to 'just get by'. Eating becomes a poor substitution for following our dreams.

Try asking yourself what you'd really love - what are the dreams that may have followed by the wayside?

Then ask yourself what steps - even small ones - you can take to get back on track to following your dreams and creating the life you really want!


Boredom eating is one of the more subtle forms of emotional eating. Many times we don't even realize we're doing it.

There are ways to avoid eating out of boredom - but you have to be willing to try something new. Get out of your comfort zone. Change your perspective.

Only then will you really take steps to stop the habit of boredom overeating.
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I know exactly how you guys feel. I have been bored all weekend and literally haven't stopped eating, even when I feel like I could explode!!

I love the above post by hewholaughslast, very inspirational
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Do anything to take your mind off it. I either read a magazine, play the guitar, do some cleaning or exercise.


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I don't know if it's boredom, habit, hunger or what but I always want to nibble in the evenings when I'm watching TV. I'm on WW, so I save some points and have a low calorie snack like ricecakes/crispbreads and low fat cream cheese (which I love!), fruit and low fat natural yogurt or I have a cup of tea!
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I don't know if it's boredom, habit, hunger or what but I always want to nibble in the evenings when I'm watching TV.
I am exactly the same - and my other danger point is when on my laptop (like now :eek:) - I find myself wanting to eat, even though I'm not hungry.

I've started to cut down on how much time I spend faffing about on the internet, and get on and actually do stuff. If I can get engrossed in something, I can often forget about craving something naughty.

I've also been saving some calories so I can have a Tesco value rich tea biscuit (I really know how to live :giggle:) and a cup of tea when watching TV in the evenings.


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