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Born skinny - Lipotrim journal

Hi everyone this is my first post. So a little about myself. Im going to make the trip to the pharmacy tomorrow to get my first weeks worth of Lipotrim. My weight at the moment is around 136kg which is 21.1 stone i think.

Ive been going to the gym for the last 6 weeks, 5 times a week and have come down from 145kg.

My background is that i am a former competitive boxer that ended up in a desk job doing nothing physical all day but i carried on eating as if i was still in training. Where before my diet was about 70% really good food and 30% junk i could get away with it so easily as i was exercising around 3 hours a day.
I got fat. really fat. so now im looking to lose more weight and im going to give this a go. As im exercising more im feeling the urge to get thin a bit faster. Infact id like to even get back to boxing again.
Now im 30 years old so im not exactly old yet and going to the gym im feeling my fitness return quite rapidly even though im very overweight. In the last few weeks ive been able to get my running up to a 3 mile jog 3 times a week and a couple of long cycles plus a solid weights routine.
Anyway other than that im really into traveling, living life to the full and im an optimistic person in general.

I plan to keep a daily blog in this thread with weight given once a week and a weekly or ever other week photo.
Ill try and sort out a few pics for tomorrow and stick a warning for those with a weak stomach. I will record how i feel, what i crave and my general thoughts.

So as for now its friday night and tomorrow, if i can get the lipotrim stuff, will be day 1.
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Good luck fella with your journey on LT, dont worry about dodgy pics look at me, I have a similar back ground albeit a touch older by 12 years, I trained all the time as I use to dive, then found at what pubs were for and balooned.........bugger!
Only thing I worry about mate as fit as you sound you wont be able to maintaine that training regime on LT you would end up in doc.
You,ll do great on this forum and the girls are desperate for some more men.
Once again good lick and crack on it does work.
Bad spelling.....sorry
lol, thanks for the support peeps. kind of had the feeling there werent many guys on the forum but wasnt sure. doesnt matter there is a lot of good advise on here it seems and thats what counts.
as for the exercise yeah im going to cut it back to slow cycling and some walking on the treadmill, no running, will continue with the weights though. well ill see how it goes. if i have to take days off, which i expect i will, then thats fine. My priority is:

1. stick to diet
2. weights training
3. cardio

so ill just drop cardio if im tired then weights if im still too weak.


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)

Wising you the best of luck with your LT journey...

I love your enthusiasm and you seemed to of worked out a very good plan for yourself.

Love Mini xxx


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Yay another man, id say Garry is delighted lol now he has someone to back him up with his mad rants!!!

Best of luck with your journey ;)
The extra help could come in handy with some of you :p:D
Can only second what everyone else has said. Congratulations for making the decision (first big step taken) and best of luck for your first week. Keep coming onto the boards as they are really motivating and I look forward to reading how you are getting on. Juliax


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hi..ive been using the gym etc since day one but your gonna find it really hard to start with..ie dizzy, v tired etc so listen to your body and dont overdo it whatever you do :)

im now back up to 3/4x a week plus cycling, walking, swimming etc and its great...just be kind to yourself in the first few weeks and yourll be fine

best of luck..yourll do it :)

h x


Back again - hey ho!
Hiya Mart,
As you are used to strict regimes for the boxing training, then this diet should be right up your street.
My other half is an ex boxer & semi pro surfer, called Martin! and he too has piled on a few stone since finding himself behind a desk. His problem is the lager though :) doesn't understand how he puts on weight because he eats quite healthily, and not alot, but drink 2 - 4 cans a night :doh:
Stick with it Mart, you'll do great, and realising that you need to do something about your general health while you are still young will turn your world around :)
Toni xxx
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Hello and welcome. Good luck on your journey. You'll do fab...I can just tell you are in the right frame of mind for this diet. I think you know the score re training. Weight training is fine. I've been fine with weights, but I'm knackered after about 10 mins of cardio..... its coz you've no sugar in your body. Good luck mate......and ignore Garry...Its wishful thinking re us girlies!


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S: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb
:hug99: Warm welcome Mart, great to see you have lost alot by yourself and shows your determination and committment. This really is a great forum, with great people and in time we will all be your friends;).
LT has been great for me personally as I cant do things by half, its all or nothing so the more I lose the better and the quicker the better. Look forward to seeing your posts. x:D


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S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
Welcome Marti!...the guys do sooo great on this diet and you back to your "fighting weight" in no time!!
Welcome aboard Mart !!!

As you can see from my ticker I have a lot to lose, but I have total confidence in this diet, and in myself...sounds to me like you are in the same frame of mind. I think you're right to cut the exercise a bit tho' until your body adjusts.

Good luck Mart - we'll all be here to help... and admire your progress :D
WOW what a fantastic response, really wasnt expecting all of this, thank you all of you that posted, very nice to know there is so much support on here, but thats really why i joined.

So today i have bought the Lipotrim thing for 1 week. I have the male ones of which i have 2 a day and nothing else. FUN.

So, ive only just picked this stuff up at 4.30pm so tomorrow will be my start date. went to one address on the website and the building and several others had been knocked down and was busy till later in the afternoon but i have it now. So i will be starting tomorrow and weighing in on friday again due to needing to travel on the saturday.
My weight on their scales was 140kg. but i was wearing more and this was at the end of the day but either way i will wear the same clothes each time.

So there we go, ready start and waiting for tomorrow.
Yeah we do want some more men on here i agree! Although dunno about this 1 he is cheeky! Oh and Mart..i do have a dodgy tum at the min lol

Hello and welcome, great story hun and i wish you the best of luck xxx

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