Boston? (USA not Lincolnshire!!)


Hi Everyone....
We're off to Boston in May and although we've got flights booked we've currently got nowhere to stay - all the hotels are RIDICULOUSLY expensive!
Has anyone been before? Or can anyone recommend somewhere to stay? Any tips (for anything - not just places to stay!) would be very gratefully received!
I'm very excited - it will be my first holiday as a "thin person" and I can't wait! Just imagine, I'll be able to put that little lunch tray thing on the plane down properly rather then rest it on my belly and I won't need an extended seat belt - I think that (very sadly) I'm more excited about that then the holiday!
Anyway - any advice much appreciated....
we flew to boston 2yrs ago and stayed in a hotel 3 miles from the airport, but we only stayed one night as we them drove to portland maine, if i can remember the name i will tell you, cant tell you much about boston itself, but i do have a friend who lives there i can ask her anything specific, she is on another board and im sure will be happy to find stuff out for you, i do know the `cheers` bar is there now depending on how old you are you may have not heard of cheers lol
CDthing - I wish I was young enough not to have heard of Cheers - LOL!
Thanks for the help, may well take you (and your friend!) up on your offer after I've spent a bit more time browsing the site Roch suggested!

Try .... The Boston Park Plaza ... lovely hotel I stayed in a few years back ....
Everything was walking distance from there .... Cheers (or as its called, the Bull & Finch), China Town, good department stores .....