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bottled it

Well i was supposed to go for my 4th weigh in today and couldn't go.... yep bottled it.... why.... because i went out on friday for my mother in-laws birthday, not so bad stuck to protein, salad and fizzy water....Sunday full of good intentions in the morning and then the evening came and i was a complete hog and all ive done since is cheat and not good food either .Tomorrow i will go and weigh before i do any more damage gggrrrr the evils of food.........:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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Like a Renegade Master
Any weight you have put on will be easily lost again, be brave its probably not as bad as you think x
i am going tomorrow otherwise i wont go back. i'm dropping my little boy in school and going straight to chemist. Just so annoyed with myself because i was good friday and then blew it later on and Why?


Like a Renegade Master
Our relationships with food and ourselves are complicated otherwise non of us would be here, you are not alone !. Can i suggest that you buy yourself a greetings card or similar (something you can carry with you at all times) and write down in it all the reasons why you want to loose weight and maybe put a picture in of a dress you want to get into or whatever your goal might be. Then whenever you have a craving take it out and read it i have found it to help maybe it might work for you too ?!?
lilac thank you, i have to say when i joined lipotrim i was so geared up for it because of people like you and dee and your diaries and achievements, i just want to get back into that thought process where i was a hundred % commited.


Like a Renegade Master
You can do it, just don't let this blip win, its just a blip thats all, concentrate on your goals and your achievements so far, we all have shouldof wouldof couldof's. As much as i would like to claim that Deezer and I are special we are no more special than anyone else on here, you can do it too. i can only speak for myself but i have messed up a few times and the trick is dusting yourself off and getting back on it anything gained will soon be lost and as Deezer so rightly says (i think i am saying this right i'm sure she will come and correct me if i am wrong) ... you only fail when you stop trying x Take a deep breath tomorrow and remember that is the last time those scales will say that number, you will see it just for a flash then never again x
Hey hun.... go and get weighed and forget about it!!! I think 99% of people on this diet have a blip here and there.... I certainly have but as lilac says you have to be able to move on from it!!!! Its the one of the biggest things LT has taught me.... you eat something maybe you shouldn't but its not the end of the world!!! Its only a problem if you carry on....

I always used to think.... well... sod it.... i've been bad now so i may aswell be REALLY bad!!! Where as now if i have something.... i just try to forget about it!!! Know its sooo hard and you feel bad about it.... but you will feel worse if it leads to you giving in....

Let this make you stronger..... hold onto this feeling in a way and next time you feel your going to cheat think about this time.... You will be fine and again Like lilac says i bet its not as bad as you think.... if you think of how many cals we're supposed to have in a day.... the day of the meal.... you'll have been WELL under and even on the day you cheated.... Did you go over???? Your WELL under for your week!!!

Dust yourself off.... go to your weigh and start again.... You'll be back on the wagon in no time sweetie!!!

*Huge hugs*


Mert.. Forget it hun.. Your 100% human that's all. It's a natural instinct. Don't beat yourself up.. Forgive yourself & move on. Your doing fantastic xxx
I`m with everyone above ^^^ draw a line under it and move forward chick. Your doing fab, don`t let it spoil what you have achieved so far... BIG HUGS to you L xx

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