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Bottom V Face

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Hope my title doesn't offend!

There is a saying that when ladies reach a certain age they have to choose between their bottom or their face.

ie if you are a bit plump your face will look younger as it will be er plumped out! Or if you are slim your face will be thin and you will look older.

I ask this in all seriousness because the OH is saying I should stop losing weight because of my face now looking my age and even older!

Oh dear, I know he means well but I want to lose more weight and personally can't see that my face looks worse for it, in fact I feel more confident because my cheekbones look better and I don't have 5 chins anymore!!!

What do you think?
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I think it depends on how or where you carry your weight...and your age. I've seen many many before and after photos where they look so much younger having lost the weight but when someone 55+ gets to the lower end of their healthy weight range i think the ageing effect can be pretty drastic. Ultimately you have to be happy in your own skin and if that means keeping a few pounds on then thats what you have to do.


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I know what you mean, since losing weight my laughter lines are pretty bad :(
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I know exactly what you mean.

When I went to a slimming club and reached target, I thought my face looked too scrawny so I put on about 4 pounds (very enjoyable!) and my face improved without my bottom being too big.

At the moment my face is fine though, it's the bottom that's the problem!

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Yes this bothers me too. When I got down to my lowest weight (10 stones) I got told by a few people that I had aged by at least 5 years :eek: At the time I was upset and couldn't see it, but looking back at the photos I think they were right. I won't be gowing that low again.

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