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I've read elsewhere on the forum that some VLCD (may have been LL or CD, not sure) allow this.

As I wasn't 100% sure what it was - I thought a sort of very thin soup - I went hunting yesterday.

Turns out it is basically like a stock cubes, comes in meaty or veggie varieties and seems fairly innocuous if taken in small quantities. Half a cube in a mug of hot water will have around 24 cals, 0.9g protein, 1.2g carbs and 1.8g fat. Can't see that interfering with the ketosis, although it does also contain salt I don't think it's any more than you would say sprinkle on a soup to season it.

As I don't drink tea or coffee, diet drinks and hot chocolate are out at the moment and I'm trying to remain sparing with flavoured water (no more than one small glass per day, usually less) I was thinking I may give it a try to use up some of my boring daily water allowance. Again, I was thinking maybe a mug every couple of days, not several pints a day!

Wondering if any of you long-termers have heard of this or tried it, and what you think of the idea?
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I remember when I did atkins a few years back, I used to drink stuff like that. There's a product called the 10cal soup, which is just a very thin oniony flavoured powder you add to a mug of hot water. Also you can do the same thing with half a stock cube. The supermarket value brands tend to be the best for low carbs. Although I can't remember what the fat value was, limited fat intake wasn't such a biggy with Atkins.
Also, if you like marmite, a tsp of that in hot water is quite nice - about 9cals, 0.8g carbs, nil fat. Makes my stomach a bit gurgly tho, so only every couple of days for me.
I have some 10 calorie soups which I suppose are along the same lines which have 0.6 protein & 1.9 carbs (thats per sachet, so not sure the true exact weights on that!)
I would appreciate a different drink too from coffee tea, herbal tea & water!
it does break up the tedium, especially as i'm not a huge fan a herbal teas and miss my drop of milk in the old PG tips...
Oh yes Rosie
is the one thing....:

in find be quick with your t bag, don't let it stew too long
but it still ain't the same
I use the Marigold one in a tub. It's quite nice.
Can't believe you don't drink tea or coffee, how do you survive? I had never drunk coffee before this diet, didn't like it. Desperation has made me a coffee and three sweeteners addict. It really helps keep me going.
I read about that yesterday - just assumed they meant the LL approved 'savoury drink'.

I use the marigold one, primarily as as a (non spacefood) soup base. love it. Think I've got half a tub in the cupboard, I'll have a look at the ingredients list next time I'm passing. (EDIT - per 5g serving, which makes up 1/2 a pint, 2g carbs.)

Vecon used to be a 'free food' on the SW lists, so may be worth investigating, too. Although use marigold reduced-salt in preference.
Sainsbury's do a Bouiliion that is similar to the savoury drink the LL's can buy from their councilors, just a much cheaper replacement, you cant have too much of it or it can throw you out of Ketosis, one mug a day would normally be fine.


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Ewwwwwwww, although I have a savoury tooth I can't stand thin clear beefy type soups, and as for marmite - arggggggggggggggggggg lol

The last couple of days I have made an effort with the green tea, 2 sweeteners and put cold water in before the hot so it doesn't "burn" the leaves and make them bitter. Same method with Earl Grey and don't leave the bag in too long to make it drinkable.

Sweeteners, used to use hermesetas but have recently changed to Splenda tablets with all the scare stories about aspartame and have to say I am finding them much nicer although I have to use 2 where one would have done previously.

Bren xx
Although fruity teas are out, I have discovered of late that Twinings do a range of 'Green Tea and...' assorted flavours. Current fave is Green tea and cranberry. (There is also a white tea and pomegranate.) Ketosis-wise, they don't seem to be doing me any harm. I don't think there's enough 'and' to make much of a difference, but does give it a tweak of flavour.

Discovered a couple of weeks ago when I needed something to help settle acid stomach, and was desperate to try anything in the cupboard, and I had a spare one lurking somewhere.


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I do use the swiss marigold but I have a feeling the one I have in the cupboard at home is not the reduced salt variety.

I have developed quite a taste for black coffee which is unusual as before I would rarely touch coffee.

Love Myr xxx
I only use the reduced salt as I personally find it salty enough - a flavour which can condense when making soups. It was just a personal thing. but I'm sure the ingredients list is much the same.
Oooh - before I forget - on the LL fora, they were talking about using the reduced salt Marigold Bouillon, no more than a spoonful a day.


[heads for cupboard....]
I've tried my meaty one today, I only had a small amount but it was warm, tasty and considering it was mostly water surprisingly satisfying.

Don't think I'll be having it every day but as an occasional treat I think it will do the job quite nicely. :)