Bouncing Whale...


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Just went to a rebound fitness class (on mini trampalines) with one of my friends who is on WW...and O.M.G. I was by far the fattest/unfittest person there!!

All these women twice my age were pounding the trampalines while I was just trying not to fall off, I turned to my side and say a 65 yr old woman running a lot faster than me!! (I'm 20).

How upsetting, plus the lack of a sports bra didnt help my extremely wobbly appearance...and a wobbly stomach...and a generally wobbly me nearly falling off...

Fair play to all these women for being incredibly fit, but it just makes me feel like a total waster considering i was nearly half the age of most of the women in the room and probably not even half as fit!!

Guess the lesson is I have a lot of work to do :p
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Don't concentrate on others! just worry about yourself! i'm sure you did just great!! your making positive steps so dont beat yaself up!!!


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Just think you will be one of them or better one day in the not so far future :)
You made an initial step of going there, so that has to be applauded.

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But you went and you're doing something to improve your overall health and fitness! Don't compare yourself to anyone else, just enjoying the bouncing and before long you'll bouncing just like Tigger! I love my rebounder xx


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What they all said!

But definitely get a sports bra, otherwise you'll permanently damage the ligaments in your chest and they'll go really droopy!


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As others have said at least you made the effort to go there. Concentrate on yourself and not on others and one day you will be fitter than those other people. :)