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Boy, I'm in trouble!!

Why do we do these things to ourselves? I've just made OH a curry from the Cook Yourself Thin book, last time I did it, no problem at all, this time, the smell is driving me insane!

Just nearly bit his head off, poor love, it's not his fault! Totally rebellios child came out, big sulky lip and everything cos I wanted some! And typically, I've made loads, so there's 2 plates of it sitting downstairs now, he's going to have the other one tomorrow before he heads of to Bristol.

Wouldn't mind, but half an hour ago, I just tried on a gorgeous black evening dress from Wallis that I got from the charity shop for 25p, and it looked lovely, no way could I have worn anything like that 6 months ago!!

So, I'm sat up here sulking while he's downstairs troughing!! He even said he was sorry for making me cook for him - he didn't make me, I offered!!!


Right, rant over, going to have a cup of green tea, some water and a fag, although I have to say I'm a bit fed up with liquid at the moment and I had my bar earlier!!!!

I am sooooo in totally rebellious child at the moment, if I had any toys and a pram, I'd be well and truly chucking them all over the place, and lying in the middle of the floor having a complete paddy!!!

And breathe in, and breathe out!! In with the love, out with the anger!!!

Sorry, folks!!

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I know how you fell this weekend is a killer for me, was fine last weekend and the other but this one is a *****. Am walking round with my face on the floor. Just got in from morrisons (spend my life food shopping) and feel like death I also have pmt big time so that doesn't help. I hate coming on here moaning but I feel if I carry on like this am going to eat drink and get bladdered. So am going to bed early (again) and watch telly. Sorry about that.


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Hopefully you're feeling better and brighter now --- it is hard I know. I sulked in the car when we were going shopping cos hubby said he wanted to buy some ground cinammon so he could make a raisin loaf .... seriously the way I reacted and the way I felt you'd have thought he'd just told me he bonked the british netball team - I was really upset and really mad ...... why = because in my head it's me that likes raisin bread and not him!!! Madness or what.

Next time I think you should go upstairs and do yourself a little fashion show - wear all the slimmest clothes you have to pass the time ...... and I do think you should post us a pic of yourself in your evening dress --- wow what a bargain!


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:rotflmao: you do realise when you get hubby up there and he sees you in the dress he might want to do more than take your pic!!!
Ha ha!! Nah, he's watching Space 1999 or something! Total bummer, just tried to upload my pic to my gallery, but it says it exceeds the file limit! Ive only got three pics on there! Don't know what to do now??!!!:(
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Right, hubby has said he has finished eating (I could have told him that! He's stopped making those noises, ha ha!) so am going to go downstairs and resist the other portion of curry which no doubt will still be sitting on the worktop.

Have a good one, may well be on later!!!

If anyone has any ideas on how I can upload my photo they'd be gratefully received!!!
Thanks Irene! I've lost 6 stones, I started in June last year, and at the end of October, I cam of it, had a rotten stinking cold and just couldn't face another pack! My plan was to go to WW, but it sort of did my head in a bit as all they ever did was talk about food!!

My plan was to go back onto LL in January, but I lost my mum very suddenly on 3rd Jan, so that sort of went out the window a bit. So, I went back on LL 2nd week of Feb, I had put a stone on since November, but I have lost that again. Got to admit, I'm finding it hard going this time round, I seemed to sail through it last summer (but then it WAS warm!), but I am faffing a bit this time round.

I want to get to 11 stones, so I'm a stone off, I'm 40 in May and have always said I want to be 11 stone as that's the weight I was when I was 16.

Must admit, think I've just had a bit of self counselling by looking at all my old holiday pics, liiking at that one of the pyramids, I'm not sure which is bigger, the pyramid or me!! What a shame to have such a lump in front of such a beautiful structure, but hey ho, I'll just have to go back again and take more pics!! Any excuse for a holiday!!!:D:D


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Wow you look fabulous in the dress - would never ever guess at that being 25p!!!

Well done on what you've lost so far, you must be so happy with yourself :)
Thanks katie, I think it's all about keeping it in perspective. When I've just looked at those 2 pics side by side, I thought "Bloody hell! Was that me!!??" but half an hour ago I was totally peed off and thinking I'll never hit my bliddy target!!!

I need to chill a bit I think!!


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I'd print out the two photos and put them on your bedside cabinet/dressing table/inside kitchen cupboard door and use them for motivation when your struggling ....... they'd be enough to motivate anybody!
Yep you look fab and the dress is a stunning bargin.

Did you enjoy the pyriamid, as we are hoping to see them in Nov

Well done for not giving into the curry that must of been really hard.;)
And this is who is lying at my feet! Shirleygirlygirlyprincessgirl and Millygalillygaloo! Shirley is the one with mostly white, and Milly is the baby - she;ll be 2 on 23rd March! 2 seconds after I took this pic they were having a big roley poley fight on the floor and have barrelled downstairs and out the cat flap now at 100 miles per hour!


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