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Bragging and Accountability



Cambridge Consultant
I have really missed you!!!!!! I hope you are well.......... and looking forward to the festive holidays.............
I just wanted to say WOW WOW WOW you look truly amazing!!!!! Its nice to "see" you revealed to ......... you look gorgeous hon..
You are a true inspiration to so many and you look truly stunning.. You should be so proud of yourself.. I know you have been through a hard time recently with what happenend to you.....
Keep smiling the transformation is truly amazing and I am for one so proud of you!!!!
Love & hugs Marissa xxxxxx


Going for Goal!
What a transformation hun, you must feel fabulous - you certainly look it! All the hard work has really paid off in your case. Well done angel :)
Hugs x x x


Gone fishing
Oh Missama you look fab! :clap: Can't see any lose skin there. You'd never know you'd lost so much weight.

Well done mate :clap:
That is one of the most impressive transformation sets of pics I've seen - what an inspiration to anyone starting. You should feel very proud of yourself (people say that to me and I think 'nah, what for', but you really have committed to it and the results are stunning)
Well done
LOL double thanks, sowwy about that!

No really people, thank you, this really means a lot to me. Scary to post them here but heck it had to be done, hopefully in a few more months there will be better ones, thinner, maintaining, in shape. It's never gonna be back to that baloon-like person I absolutely do not recognise!
My gob has been well and truly smacked! You are an absolute stunner, well done!



Back 2 finish my journey
well done miss ama what a fabulous transformation i bet you feel fantastic and i can absolutely understand what you mean about not recognising the person that you once were, congrats you've done so well be proud to show off your achievement!
wow miss ama, the pics are amazing, a real inspiration to use newbies that are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
its really motivated me to keep going and lose that 4 stones hanging on to my bones! lol


MissAma and Georgie - both of you are really inspirational!! What an achievement and you both look stunning!!

I have the contact details of a CD counsellor who I propose to call today and I intend to start in the New Year. I have done VCLD before and done well but there are a number of reasons as to why I have to persevere this time and I am going to be looking at both of your before and afters when I need to remin myself of what can be done!!

I will be checking in to CD world in a couple of weeks - and good luck to anyone who is contemplating hte same!!

Daisydee x
MissAma, can't think of words beyond wow, incredible and speechless!

Well done, you look absolutely amazing, will have to revisit this thread to inspire my post Christmas CD journey x

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