Brand new and desparate for advice!!


Hello Dieters!!
I would really like someone to advise me as to what to expect when on lighterlife.
Here is a little history about myself. I was born into a big family which consists of lots of thin gorgeous sisters. I have always felt like the 'odd' one. The big boned one!! The one who dosn't really fit the picture. I have for many years struggled with my weight. I am 5 foot 7 inches tall and am a size 18.( although I refuse to but size 18!) To some of you that might not sound big but for me it is huge. Not a day goes by without thinking and dreaming of being thin. It is the last thing I think about when I go to bed and the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning. It completely consumes my every thought. It dictates my moods!! It has really taken over me. I have for a few years avoided looking in a mirror. Especially when I get out of the bath! If I do then I just concertrate on my face. I am sick of feeling this way. No one is getting the best of me!!
But this does not stop me from eating!!

I have a very loving husband and two gorgeous children I woke up the other morning at 6.30am and felt very determined . I woke my husband and told him exactly how I felt and asked for his help in supporting me with this diet emotionally and financially and of course he agreed and he is very excited for me. He knows that it will change my life.
My introduction meeting is next Friday 27/10/2006 and I am due to start 5th November. I cant wait and I am looking very forward to the couselling. I need to talk!! Can anyone give me some tips and advice. I would really appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to read this. xxxx
Welcome Stardreamer.
You have taken the 1st step to what hopefully can be your dream of thindom! Many have walked the path you are going to tread and some have succeeded, others faltered and some others of us have tried to find alternate routes!!!

I started LL (then transferred to CD) last Oct size 20/22 - and lost 4st getting down to a size 12/14. A few little blips along the way means I am back on the road again ... and hope to be back down to my size 12 by Xmas. I believe in this diet - as for me it works and I feel good on it.

There are lots of people on this site who have more knowledge and experience than i do ... so ask anything you like and someone will help.

Good luck - look forward to reading about your progress.

PS tips ... water, water and more water! Keep posting on here and DON'T give up even when it seemd impossible - if you want it enough you can have it!
Thank you so much Beverly for getting back to me and exremley prompt!! It feels so good to be able to reach people like you who know exactly how I feel. I know that I am not alone. I promise that I will not give up!!
Good luck with your weight loss.
Hi hun,
It can be quite an emotional journey, but the counselling should go a long way to help you recognise triggers etc.

I didn't find the first week easy, but once the carb withdrawl subsided and ketosis was here things got better.

We'll all be here to help you along the way :)

Kitty xx
you will do well with all that support ...i'm just going into week 3 ....for week one be kind to yourself no extreme fitness...after that it is easier 3 boys are invovled and ask me about what sachets i've had and bet on my weight loss each week .........without the kindness of this website .....i may have faltered .....bring on the water
start upping the water intake now ...
Hi there,

Welcome to the minimins site and I am sure you will find loads and loads of support on here.

I am sure most of us on here understand exactly how you are feeling because we have all been there one way or another ourselves.

For inspiration can I suggest you look at this thread on minimins - it just goes to show that achieving a weight loss can be done and that real people look so incredibly different.

With regards to prepping yourself, you can be sensible and start to cut down on carbs and increase your water intake which will make your journey into ketosis so much easier ... or you can do what I did which is make that journey a bloody rollercoaster by having "one last one" of everything!!

I haven't chosen the easy path through this whole diet but then I have never made life easy for myself ever!

Good luck with it and keep coming back here and reading and asking for support - that is what this place is about.
Great news!!
I spoke with my counsellor this afternoon and explained how desparate I am to start. She has given me a new start date next Tuesday 24th October!! Instead of 5th November. She asked me if I was really sure that I wanted to do it!! I told her that I have never been so sure of anything before! I am so excited. Thanks for all your advice. It means so much.