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Brand New Start - Juju_doll's Diary

Well here we go. Had an excellent meeting last night, the others in the group were fab and a great support and I loved the CBT session. Had a porridge this morning which was much nicer than the Cambridge one, the soup was still pretty grim, but i've never been a cup-a-soup fan so may swap some of them mid week for more shakes. Waiting for my blender to arrive so i can make a slushie smoothie this afternoon then chilli tonight.

Feeling good so far, very motivated and knocking back the water. About a litre gone. Am going to try 2 litres a day this week and increase if needs be.

A little bit about me, I'm Julia, 31, live in Cambridge, I'm single (total disaster with men) and I'm a primary school teacher. I work in a prep school in Cambridge and teach 7 to 11 year olds. Enjoying my hols at the moment! Looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

J x
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:welcome2: Julia to this very supportive forum, hopefully you will find the support useful and you enjoy the results.
Read as many diaries as you get the chance to and posting helps too.
Thanks very much ladies. Have got through day 1 and still in one piece! Porridge was yum, soup bleurgh, milkshake fine and chilli actually quite nice! So all in all not too bad. Tummy grumbling a bit and peeing like a racehorse. Not looking forward to day 2 doom, but have nothing in particular to do so will keep distracted and sleep if necessary. Yay for day 1, first of many!


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Good luck Julia. You might feel fine. I had a headache on Day 5, but other than that, I've been ticketty boo. And lost 12lbs in 2 weeks ;) Hurrah!!
12 lbs is awesome, hope I lose that much in my first couple of weeks! Day 2 is going well, felt really hungry today but having a chilli and a shepherds pie has helped so much, they are going to be a life saver. Had a banana shake too which i blended up with some ice which was lovely. Am going to my pop in on Sat and will swap the soups, really can't stand them! Porridge is nice, very thick though so i will try and make it thinner tomorrow. Not feeling too bad, no headaches or too tired. Having 4 packs really helps, am doing them at 9, 12, 3 and 6. Will change a bit when i'm back to school but will be fine for the next 4 weeks.
Bring on ketosis now, but i think i'm close!


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Sounds like you have had a great start, you will become aqainted with the bathroom.... Very well! Good job you have started now, it takes a couple weeks to get used to the volume of water, then settles. Tastes change as you go on, I liked the chicken soup then went off it now loving the mushroom soup, shakes I blend with ice and warer to make it longer drink. I try 8 12. 4 8 for my meals so rhen dont get hungry. The broth helps as well as water flavourings.
Ketosis will kick in soon which takes out the hunger feeling, which my brain took a long whilecto accept, eating a pack then not hungry? How!! But it does.
Good kuck on your journey, keeping busy helps break the food habit to
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Oh lord ... day 3 and I have woken up feeling proper rough! Feel shattered and like an elephant is sitting on my head. Water and porridge (much thinner this time and was better) and plenty of rest I think.


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Welcome and good Luck on your weight loss journey.It will get better just hang on in there.Plenty of early nights and keep drining the water.
Thanks all, I'm v tired, grumbly stomach and grumpy tonight. Am going to get an early night I think. Xx
Day 4 and I feel much better. I can't even begin to say what a difference to mind and body the last 3 days have been. This is such a fab diet, will need to remember that at week 20! I'm in ketosis well and truly now and feel so much better this morning. I've just been to my mid week pop in and i've lost 8lbs already. Makes it all worth while! I won't update properly until Tuesday on all the stats on here but that's 8lbs I never want to see again! Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Brilliant Juju...thats a fabulous start xx
Wow juju, that's great. I put you on the challenge for your 21lbs so hope that's ok, can't wait to see it updated!
Well, drum roll, nearly day 6 done. Weigh in tomorrow and I'm so pleased I've started and done this. I feel so much better already, both physically and psychologically. I've now got myself in a good routine and ketosis has stopped the hunger and the crazy cravings. Thank you for all your lovely comments and messages, it's such a supportive board! I'm seriously excited about having bars next week. At the moment I'm having a shepherds pie and a chilli every day and would like to replace the sp with a bar as not that keen, although better than stinky soup!!
Anyway, I'll let you all know how I get on tomorrow at weigh in, i have in my mind what i want to lose, my target was 10lbs so I hope I've managed that.
Well done on the 8lbs JuJu. Good luck for your WI tomorrow.
Sounds like you are "in the zone" xx
I'm on day 7, whoop whoop!!! Weigh in tonight at 8 and I'm really looking forward to it. Also so glad I live in Cambridge and not in the midst of the awful things going on in London at the moment. Really very wrong.

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