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Hi I've just fallen on this site and looks amazing. Need to do some working out how it all works etc before posting properly. How do you all get the weight stats attached to your post? So my question is, if you could give a new sw member any advice what would it be 😘😘😘
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Bean An Tí

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Hey Jojojay


I've just sent you a message there to get your started.

As a SW member myself, I definitely advise not to be too hard on yourself, there will be good weeks and bad and you need to live them all.

Bean an Tí


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My advice is to plan ahead so you know exactly what you are having and don't beat yourself up if you have one bad day. :)


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I totally agree with @Mary2020 .

It's all in the preparation with sw. Don't be afraid to try new things food wise. I'm a weekend batch cooker. I do a large tray of sw lasagne for example. I might eat 2 and I freeze the other 2 for another day. I usually have most of the week dinners done by the time the weekend is done. That way I only have to worry about veg or pasta for the week. This might not suit you but it's all in the preparation and you will find a way that suits you.

Welcome to MiniMins😁


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Morning @Jojojay welcome in. I'm not a SW girl but you got lots of great advice from @Simone45 @Bean An Tí and @Mary2020 . This forum is great for support and ideas, looking forward to your posts