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Where's Skinny Minnie?
Have you tried the Clothes Exchange sticky? There's all sorts up for grabs / swaps on there. Might be worth a visit :)


Where's Skinny Minnie?
In a little box above the regular posts is a list of about 8 "sticky" topics that are always available (like syn values, puddings etc). Clothes Exchange can be found there too, we can post the stuff we don't need any more and pick up things that others have outshrunk lol
yeah looked in there and nothing. someone was offering some and i asked for them and she didnt ever get back to me again which was nice!
I presume you mean emski, she did get back to you, she asked you to PM her your address


Where's Skinny Minnie?
Try popping a post on there hun, just let people know what you're looking for and hopefully there should be someone with what you're looking for. I'm a C cup so no help to you I'm afraid :) sure there'll be someone though.
but it was only a couple of days ago, so she maybes hasnt even checked
I think you will see I actually asked you to private message me your address.. and you posted it in the main thread so I had to get a moderator to remove it for your safety.. Please check your facts !!
there ya go!
It is full of supportive people though, no ones slating anyone, Im not talking for emski (as shes quite capable of doing it for herself) but you did say she'd not got back to you and finished your post with 'which was nice!' when in fact she had got back to you and lets not forget she was offering her bras for free in the first place to you, thats support (literrally) lol
This forum is supportive but you made a comment that someone hadnt got back to you.

You posted your full address on the forum which was removed for YOUR safety, you were also aware of this fact.

If someone offers you an item its extremely generous of them, have you offered any exchanges? I dont mean this to sound rude but Ive noticed several posts from you asking for things from members.

The exchange works both ways, and if noone can help you then thats unfortunate but I dont think thers anything to be achieved by coming back and being rude
oh dear wondered what id stumbled across then. This forum is the most supportive i know ur all a great bunch of girls ( and boys ) and id be lost without u all

just thought i needed to say that x
well said jaxmummy, we're a lovely bunch arent we x

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