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Bread is part of everyones diet

Bread is part of everyones diet isnt it?, so why cant we have a syn free version, or at least low syns instead of this nimble and ww rubbish, come on we need a decent sized slice thats good for a chip or bacon butty.
And of course a syn free egg sarnie, then they can say theyve cracked it lol.
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thats the problem though we do have bread everyday and it's not low in calories or good for slimming world i do have bread everyday i have 4 slices of wholemeal cause i know it's the only bread thats good for me lol or if you really want a white bread sandwich don't have your hxb and deduct 6 syns from your white i think this is the only way around it hon bread is lovely but it's the enemy lmao
I love it but if it wasn't restricted I'd have it sooooo much! Even the low cal wafer thin stuff is still 60 odd calories a slice. Oh how I miss a thick slice of white bread from a fresh loaf..... mmmmmm
Shame isn't it but I guess something has to give!


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Ooooh proper bread!!!! I'd die for some.
I hate hubby at the weekend because he makes bread for him and the kids and I am a drooling mess :cry:
I have it every so often, but thankfully Im one of those people that can take it or leave it! However, I agree if you are going to make a decent sandwich, you have to have decent bread otherwise the fun has gone out of it!
this is the only way around it hon bread is lovely but it's the enemy lmao
but thats what im saying, it shouldnt be our enemy, 99% of the british public love bread so y dont these clever folk make us a syn free or low syn bread. If you clever folk are reading, come on pull ya finger out :cool:


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
but thats why it's so lovely cause it's fatty lol we are never gonna feel the way we do bout big pieces of uncut bread with butter as we do a radish cause they are biologically different and we are biologically attracted to the taste of the bread because as animals we want to store food and that is substancial stodge and butter . i wish wish wish they would come up with syn free bread but somehow i just dont think it would hit the spot, just like the radish:8855:
Bread is healthy, surely, when it's the right kind and in moderation? I hope so anyway, I have two large slices of delicious wholegrain multiseeded bread nearly every day as my HEX Bs!

It can be any wholemeal bread as long as it's less than 57g a slice, right? That's what I was told anyway, hope it's correct. :confused:


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I don't do bread much anymore, I have ryvita instead. But when I do have bread I go for the nutrient dense ones like seeded and nut wholemeal, whole grain ones as well as the heavy ryes and the sprouted grain ones...I don't eat white flour at all any more...I don't know where the diets like WW and SW and such get their points system from and how it works so I have no comment on free stuff or the points values, all I know now is that eating wholefoods makes a huge difference to losing weight and keeping it off for me...but we're all so different metabolism wise...
Yep, I can't eat anything made with refined white flour anymore - white bread, cereals and pasta send my stomach into agony.

I prefer wholewheat bread and pasta, they just taste so much richer and seem to be absolutely fine for my stomach.
I actually think that the WW bread is really good - I like the little slices and they sort I get is only 40 something calories a slice. I don't eat bread everyday and I never used to anyway so I don't really miss it.

HOWEVER I do love crusty french bread... and miss it a bit - the rare occasions I do eat it I tend to scoop out the doughie bit inside though and throw that away before I eat it - bit strange but makes it less stodgie!


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There's nothing like a still warm baguette! But as there's only 2 of us and OH is supposed to be losing too I daredn't buy one. I do however make my own menopause bread, wholemeal and granary bread flour with linseeds,sunflower seeds and and pumkin seeds in. Funnily enough I eat very little of it, I seem to feel better without it, but I think it's the yeast rather than the wheat that's the culprit.It's not really bread that makes me fat as to what I put on it!
but thats what im saying, it shouldnt be our enemy, 99% of the british public love bread so y dont these clever folk make us a syn free or low syn bread. If you clever folk are reading, come on pull ya finger out :cool:
They tried and the best they could come up with was nimble!

God I miss bread!


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When I was doing atkins you could make carb free "bread" called oopsie rolls but they used philadelphia which would be synned on SW anyway :(
I actually don't miss white bread as much as I used to but I think it's because I only have a slice of wholemeal for my breakfast then don't have any other bread. If things are removed from your diet without too much thought then it's easier I think, as I associate using my syns with chocolate I still crave that (almost a forbidden food temptation) but not crisps or white bread as I just don't bother having them rather than not being allowed - weird lol x


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I tend to just not have it. I do love it, and in fact, I still make it as my b/f loves my homemade bread, and I love making it and smelling it, etc. But I know that I can't control myself when I eat it. Especially all fresh and crusty... with butter... <drool>. Plus, I find that it makes me feel quite bloated if I eat it all the time. I like nice bread so much that I'd find "diet bread", like a skinny piece of nimble or something, quite disappointing. And what's toast without butter? (I don't do margarine!) And I don't find sandwiches very fulfilling as a lunch. So for me, it's easier to just not have it for the most part.
I'm not that fussed about bread - would eat more if it was free, but don't feel deprived without it....but, OMG, I LOVE the smell - thick, cut your own bread, under a grill and covered in melting butter....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

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