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Consolidation Bread query


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I asked the same question when I started conso. I was told it is actually 40-60grams total and my slice of bread weighed 45grams! Teeny tiny bread in France :) I did not tolerate the wholewheat bread, I couldn't before this diet and definately not now so I have eaten some white bread (but quality) and Ryvitas which have been really nice. I weighed those too.


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I think the problem is that there are so many different sizes of loaves and thickness of slices, so it's far better to gauge the amount using weight. It just makes it a more accurate measure of the ration size.

I make small 350g wholemeal loaves in my breadmaker and find that I can get 2 fairly thin slices for that weight.

Hope that helps.


Goat herder(ess)
I'd say that those are guide weights. Obviously, slices of bread are not going to weigh exactly the same, but try and stay within those limits.

If you're worried about overdoing things, aim for the lower limit, perhaps.


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Yes agree - I started with 40-60gr, weighed all my slices, then after a while (more losses) got more confident and stuck to 60gr and diversified into pittas, wraps, and found that *those* (wholemeal in all cases) also weighed 60gr (not bagels!!). Hooray for added interest. And Sainsbury mini snack rolls...
So my rule is now '1 bread item' or 1 thin-medium slice home made bread is one daily portion. After a while you get a feel for it and can stop weighing.

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