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is getting better at it
hi all can someone help me please,
i know a healthy ex b is 2 slices from a 400g loaf, could i have 2 slices of normal wholemeal bread count it as a healthy extra and count the extra syns on top?
say for arguments sake that the slice is 7.5 syns so i take the 6 syns allowed as a healthy extra and count the extra as syns

does that make any sense to you :)
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No sorry, if you're sticking strictly the the law of SW then no you shouldn't do this. It would be a tweak of the plan and while I'm sure many people will do this and get away with it, it's all those odd tweaks here are there that can add up to poor losses.


is getting better at it
oh ok, i have just read my book and it says i can deduct 6 syns from a shop brought sandwhich if it is wholemeal, thats a shame as i feel cheated with them little slices lol.
thanks for answering


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My consultant discussed this at group this week. 57g of wholemeal bread is your healthy extra - if you want to use big slices, she says that's fine as long as you know how much 'extra' you're having and you use your syns.

Sounds like the consultants I've had and the one Circes has follow different opinions...