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Slimming World
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Hello all!

Well don't I feel like a darned idiot! During my new members talk, there was a girl there who wan an old slimming worlder who had done it before but was rejoining and wanted to listen in on the new member talk. When explaining about Healthy Extras and the 400g loaf thing, the girl said to us "You can get those Seeded Batch loaves and that counts". So I've had like 6 slices of that in the last few days, only to discover today that it's in fact WHITE bread and is 4 syns a fricking slice! DOH! :mad:

What I was wondering was, what is the tastiest bread you can get in a 400g loaf? I tried the Warburtons plain wholemeal and didn't mind it too much but my boyfriend refused to eat it. So is there another 400g loaf you can get that still tastes like non-diet bread? I'm willing to try any that I can get my hands on in my local Asda so all suggestions welcome!

Cheers! :jelous:
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I must have got used to the healthy choices LOL, but must say that I like the Warburtons brown bread.



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I like the Hovis Nimble malted wholemeal loaf which you can have two slices of.
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Oh no!! I hate that when you realise something you have been happily tucking into is in fact something not quite so light and fluffy!! Sorry, no other advise on the bread, but I would say get other bread for your OH like someone else mentioned. :)
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Or just have two of the 800g slices but cut off the crusts until they weigh 57g ;)
ROFLMAO .... can you do that ? ? ? If ya can, i`m a really happy gal as i hate crusts anyway, lolol and it will save me having to buy 2 loaves of bread (the 400g for me and the 800g for hubby) ... :)


Just doing it this time
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wot a waste of cruzzies - I love cruzzies!

I have 800g bread x 2 slices 4 times a week as 2 heb's as I do red.

IF I use 400g bread and the thin slices - and you've filled them to capacity - cos I have 4 slices having 2 heb's - I use a knife and fork to eat my sandwich - lasts longer too !
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Not sure if it allowed but i get the 400g loaves from the bakery section and get them sliced thin, it never seems to hinder my losses.


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ROFLMAO .... can you do that ? ? ? If ya can, i`m a really happy gal as i hate crusts anyway, lolol and it will save me having to buy 2 loaves of bread (the 400g for me and the 800g for hubby) ... :)
course you can - you are allowed 57g of wholemeal bread so weigh your slices

I find I get either one and half 800g medium slices with the crusts on or I cut off the crusts one by one until they weigh 57g
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Thankyou Circes :D

Crafty ;) knowing me I would be eating them as I was chopping them off though haha!

Lol Allie ... dont think thats in the plan ... though wouldn`t it be cool if it was :) ... they don`t count if they`ve been cut off ;) lololol


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The Morrisons wholemeal rolls, 6 pack, 3 for £1 are nigh on 57g each.
Your bread doesnt necessarily have to be from a 400g loaf, as long as you are not having more than 57g as a HEb, but of course that must be wholewheat. There are some non wholewheat loafs that can be used a HEb but dont know them all off the top off my head.

Not sure if you can get it there, but I buy fresh pumpernickel bread which can be used as a HEb here. I love it and find it really filling. 57g is 1 HEb.
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Re: Re: BREAD!

julesmorris said:
Is the ww malted Danish not a healthy extra b then?
Unfortunately not. And I was having 3 slices a day until I found out on here a couple of days ago, d'oh! It doesn't seem to have stopped me from losing weight, but no, it's not a healthy extra B
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I must admit i havent tried 1 i think is 'best' yet, but in saying that i had 2 slices of white the other night out of larder desperation...(synned of course :eek:p) and i was awake on and off all night with belly ache, that was the only thing i had different in 5 weeks so must have been the bread i reckon. Has put me off enough to get to like the wholemeal lol!

Bee x
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I also shop primarily at Asda and actually now like the Warburtons wholemeal 400g loaf.

I often switch to the Weightwatchers Danish brown though - mainly because you can have 3 slices instead of the normal 2! - this was a big deal to me as I used to eat thick sliced Warburtons white by the half-loaf!

Now the bread is an integral part of the meal, i.e. a sandwich and not just eaten with food - a bad habit that blighted me all of my life!!!

I can now do without bread altogether if it wasn't the best option for work lunches. I don't eat bread on weekends except for the odd beans on toast or scrambled egg on toast.

I love the crusts, so Circes idea don't work with me (besides, I think my nana might be watching from up above and there'll be hell-on if she caught me!) - I find by stuffing fewer slices with loads of filling the sandwich itself tastes better, and even the bread is enjoyable.

To be honest it now seems as I was just using white bread as a "filler".

Not tried any of the others except the two mentioned as I am perfectly happy with either of those:)

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