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Hey all

A question about bread.....can anybody please tell me if Nimble Malted Wholegrain is 0.5 per slice like the WW one? I have just eaten 3 slices thinking it was 0.5 and then I worked it out on the online points calc from the sticky threads and it has come up at 0.8....but I am wondering if this is just that thing about it being slightly over half but still counted as half if you get me?
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Its coming up as 1 point on mine .775 to be precise
I used the online calculator the other day and it was WAY out compared to my ww calculator...just a warning :)

As for the bread - this has come up before and we all seemed to do it differently. I personally work out the points for the serving of bread I'm actually having (so for the about, 2 slices would work out at 1.5 points, so that's what I count it at), other people work out the points pers slice and just times that by however many slices they're having. I'm not sure there's a right or wrong way, but I remember our ww leader warning us about it when I went to meetings, so I always work it out per 2 slices if that's what I'm having. My ww calculator doesn't give me the exact points value (so 0.775 wouldn't come up on mine, it would just round that off to 1 point). I just take everything to be as my ww calculator tells me, lol.

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