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Breakfast cereal?


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Cereal doesnt keep me full.. nore does porridge.. but hun? why would you eat somthing you dont enjoy? makes no sence when there are such yummy other things out there.

I ALWAYS have 2 alpen lights every morning .. cause they'r yum, quick and keep me full! - if all else fails a bag of ryvita minis or a homemade chicken kebab made from ASDA wholemeal pitta is yum for a meal.

read your book, theres tonnes of options out there!! lol


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I really, really miss cereal, but I know I couldn't just eat the 28g allowance so I just don't eat it now. How I miss my crunchy, munchy cereal :cry: I do like my porridge tho and although 28g isn't what I used to have ( :eek: ) it is rather filling, esp when I chuck some banana on top :D Miss putting raisins in it, but they're quite high syn'd :rolleyes:

I think cereal and dried fruit are the only things I really miss now that I do SW. I know I could syn it and add it into my meals if I planned ahead, but I just forget :sigh:


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28g of Puffed wheat with chopped banana and a Muller Yoghurt mixed in. Makes a huge bowlful that fills me right up!


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My fave cereal has got to be weetabix :D I usually have a chopped banana on top but you could try allsorts of different fruit :D

This morning though i has 42g asda high bran with a chopped banana and it filled me up for ages! :)


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I love 42g of Weetabix Crunchy Bran with loads of strawberries, raspberries and banana on top - very filling and takes ages to eat!!! xxx


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I have 28g puffed wheat with low calorie sugar, its a huge bowl as it so light and it is exactly the same as sugarpuffs. a definate for cereal lovers.

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I sometimes have 4 Rivita originals for Breakfast and have vlf cottage cheese and chives on it instead of cereal. This fills me up just as much.
Other than that, puffed wheat, porridge or weetabix are my cereals of choise.


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I love Weetabix Crunchy Bran. You can have 42g and it's a decent sized bowlful. Its really tasty!!
I also have porridge regularly and Alpen Superberry museli which I love (although you can only have 28g of this and it's a tiny amount it's lovely mixed with a yoghurt and some sliced banana and really fills me up).


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If you have 2 Weetabix, do you have to syn one? Or do you all just use them both as Healthy Extra's?? Sorry if this is a bloody stupid question, but in my book it only mentions the Weetabix mini's and bran, not normal Weetabix :eek:
I LOVE Weetabix, so would love to be able to start eating it again :D


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I have raisin wheats :D


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I'm doing EE and nearly always use cereal as my HEB. I save my HEA by having a Mullerlight on my cereal instead of milk.

I tend to have Special K Sustain - it does tend to keep me a bit fuller, but you can only have 28g. So as an alternative I have 42g of All Bran - again, doesn't look much, but does fill me up more!

Whatever cereal I have, I always top it up with grapes (my 1/3 of superfree food). Takes me ages to eat breakfast these days. This also has added benefit - if you eat more slowly, you feel fuller more quickly (so you tend to eat less), and feel fuller for longer (so tend to snack less).... so it's a win, win situation as far as I'm concerned!


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i like cereal but i do find it a waste of a heb esp when u r on ee and only have one. plus it doesn't fill u for long.
i tend to have yogurt and fruit or cooked breakfast or something like.
but if i do have cereal i like readybrek or weetabix (with sweetner on)