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Extra Easy Breakfast - help

chop some fruit before u go bed and put it in the fridge then tip a yogurt over it in the morning or prepare it in advance in a tub with lid to take to work.
yogurt and aplen light layered is so yummy.

Do you like eggs? I eat weetabix for my breakfast usually but if i get bored i have hard boiled eggs, cook them the night before and you're sorted! And they are free :) x
Do you have a microwave that you can use? If so, I sometimes pre-cook Quorn sausages, take them to work and warm them up in the microwave - along with a couple of scrambled eggs (done in microwave also). It's really satisfying!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I invested in a cheap microwave poacher and its great! I cook bacon the night before and then heat up the eggs. I also make a cooked breakfast to take in with me to reheat...if you have a microwave the world is your oyster!
also if you have time in the evenings you could make smoothies which i think are great for breakfast, get you going in the morning. I usually have a berry one or a tropical fruit one. Frozen fruit or fresh, any yogurt of your choice (muller as they are free) or low fat natural yoghurt, if it's too thick add some ice cubes, and a tad bit of canderel/sugar to take the sharpness from the fruit, put it in a blender and ta-da. I make loads of these and keep them in the fridge in work. Cat x
yeh totally as frozen/fresh fruit is free - not tinned fruit as they are usually in syrup etc, muller yogurts are free and ice cubes are free, you can leave the canderel/sugar thats optional - i dont use it. x
Hi Mrs V, thanks for the idea of bacon and eggs, I am not sure the girls in the office would be happy about the smell of eggs, but I was thinking I could boil the eggs and cook the bacon the night before and have them cold maybe in bread or on crackerbread? What do you think
No problem...let me know how they turn out. x
Sorry- smoothies aren't free as fruit has to be synned when pureed.

"Why are some fruits Free when raw, but have a Syn value when cooked, juiced or pureed?
While fruit in its natural form is bulky, filling and often time-consuming to eat, in cooked, liquidised or smoothie form it is a very effective way of adding a lot of extra energy (calories) in a non-bulky and non-filling way. Consider eating an orange. Peeling, breaking up the segments and eating just one orange can be a lengthy process. Now think about the juice that orange would produce – it contains a similar number of calories, yet it’s gone in a gulp – in fact it takes 8 oranges to make a small glass of orange juice and it’s not filling in the slightest! It’s all about getting the most (optimum) satisfaction from your foods with Food Optimising. We count juiced and cooked fruit as Syns to protect your weight losses."
SW Website

I eat ryvitas and cream cheese nearly every day. My favourites are:

Ryvita with laughing cow deli blue cheese and sliced apple
Ryvita with low fat philly, pesto and sliced tomatoes
Oh no i didn't know that - I told my consultant about the smoothies and she didnt say they were syns - she agreed they were free! Oh bugger i liked those too. Sorry for the false info loubecca. Cocktail princess do you know how to syn the pureed fruit? Thanks. Cat x
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!!!!

I do SW on-line so use their 'search' facility. I guess it must be in your food listing in the book, but I can't direct you as you don't get books as an on-line member.

As a guide, pureed fruit:
1 banana is 4 syns
57g Blackberries is half a syn
28g Strawberries is half a syn
28g Blueberries is 1 syn

But if you just mix the fruit into the yoghurt and eat it solid, it is all free, so just get your gnashers working, girlies!

Hi cocktail princess, thanks for shattering my dreams of smoothies!! TE HE. Is there not alot of syns in the laughing cow deli blue cheese and low fat philly?

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I know that the Laughing cow blue deli and the Laughing cow deli cheese and onion are 1.5 syns each Hun. Not sure on the Philly as I dont eat it that often, I have quark (free) mixed with herbs instead.
Thanks guys you have been really helpful, I am so glad I found this website it has been a great inspiration and a great help. It has also given me the kick up the bum that I needed as I havn't been very good recently. 3 stone gone and another 6 to go bring it on!!

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