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Breakfast ideas


Happy in my own skin
Ok, so I'm not in maintenance yet, but I want to plan ahead and think about what sort of things I can have for breakfast. Ideally I would like to have something low GI but without having to cook on work days but I suppose I could do a bit of cooking on my days off. I used to have special k cereal or toast with marmalade and just alternated between the two. I really want to avoid carbohydate loaded foods and to add to the dilemma, I don't like eggs.

So good people can I have all your wierd and wonderful suggestions for tasty breakfasts so I won't get bored when the time comes....:)

Thanks in advance....:)
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Cottage cheese, with berries or any fruit, with yogurt and a drizzle of honey and a few nuts and seeds scattered on top is good.

I almost always have porridge with blueberries or dried cranberries or mixture of both, some pumpkin seeds, a blop of yogurt (SB turned me on to that - makes it gorgeous and creamy!!) and again, a drizzle of honey.

I too try to keep the carbs low.

I was never a brekkie eater, but it is one healthy habit change I hav made and now I know if I haven;t had it!! Its important!


Happy in my own skin
Thanks BL, I'm so looking forward to when I can have porrige. Not had it in about 10 years but now I've got a craving for it...:)

Any other ideas folks?


...we're sinking deeper.
Quaker's Original rolled oats are great for porridge option because you know they haven't added any crap to it like sugar or salt and what-not! They also sell little ready-measured out sachets which are great! :)

You can also make a muesli with those oats by adding some raisins/dry fruit/seeds/nuts - but gotta watch the calories with those items! :D It's easy to get carried away.

Also 0% Greek yoghurt: you can either drizzle some honey in, or some oats, or some frozen fruit, or ... well anything really! I found it quite a filling breakfast. I wouldn't go for any brand apart from Total though: because most 0% or low-fat yoghurts have hidden added sugar (look at the carbohydrate levels in the Nutrition info) because by taking the fat out - the yoghurts often lose their consistency and flavour... except the strained Total ;) Heee heee.

For my breakfasts I often like to get up a bit earlier and make myself something warm. Plus having a nice portion of protein in the morning keeps me going for a very long time! Proteins take longer to digest than simple carbs; though the effect is strengthened by coupling the protein option with a "healthy" carb option, such as a small piece of whole-wheat toast, or rye bread.
I have (along with salad and a freshly cut up tomato):

* Omelettes (2 eggs); OR: mix and match 1 egg with a selection of wonderful things! Such as Lean Bacon (2 medallions cut up finely), Butter Beans (love this one :D - about 80-100g), Mushrooms (Quite filling volume wise and low calorie), or even some porridge oats & Splenda for a sweet 'pancake' option. Experimentation is key!

* Lean Bacon & Cabbage stir-fry (2 Medallions of Healthy Eating Bacon & about 100g shredded cabbage with a little garlic powder)

* Mixed Bean Salad (You can buy small tins of ready made mixed beans which are often quite small calorie wise per portion), and mix it up with some sesame seeds, lettuce, and shredded grilled bacon (again about 2 medallions). / Of course this one can be a lunch option also - and bacon can be replaced with lovely lemon/dill fried prawns, or some chicken slices.

* Lettuce sausage wraps - 1-2 Healthy Living sausages (or Quorn) cut lengthways, grilled. Put into a lettuce leaf, seasoned and added to according to your tastes. Perhaps some Branston Pickle with added red cabbage strips and carrot slivers... or I dunno. Lol. I'd experiment with this one, it seems like you could make this in the morning and then have some wraps left over for lunch as well to take with you to work! :)

Some of these will probably sound strange to have in the morning; and can be used as a lunch option... However, personally I'm not too fussed about 'conventional' breakfasts, as I grew up with whatever was available from the night before at my grannie's in Eastern Europe! :D
So; I often prefer savoury breakfast as opposed to a sweet one... but everyone's different in that respect and it really does depend on how you grew up!


Happy in my own skin
Wow Minerva, lots of good ideas there. How did I miss this reply yesterday. I especially like the idea of the sweet omlette/pancake, and doing something with oats...thanks again Minerva...:)

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