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Breakfast ideas


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I find breakfast ideas hard too...not that keen on cereal either..except crunchy nut ( not point friendly)! So i usually skip breakfast and havea bigger lunch..not really reccomended tho?

Have u tried maybe experimenting with eggs? have them different ways?

Also..Sainsburys do low fat sausages 2 points each if its worth mentioning?



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I try to have a hot breakfast rather than cereal - I find cereal does not fill my tummy in the morning!

I have either WW bacon butties, either 3 points or 4 points depending how much bacon I need :p

Poached eggs on toast for 5 points [Sounds like a hassle, I seriously recommend getting some Poaching Pods. Google it. Seriously, they have changed my life. 5 minutes to make perfect poached eggs.

I sometimes have scrambled eggs instead. Prefer poached though.

Orrrr cheese and tomato on toast.

I went through a phase of having sausage butties, with WW sausages. Then I kinda realised I don't like sausages, but it was still a filling brekkie!!

Or! Mushrooms on toast, beans on toast...

Unfortunately, all my breakfast ideas seem to revolve around toast...

Mumma K

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There's some good ideas there thanks Jen I actually have those poaching pods as I'm addicted to Lakeland gadgets I just completely forgot about them

oneday at a time

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in the morning I like to have 3 packet of Tesco light choice dutch melba toast(5 toasts per packet) and 3 low low fat triangle cheese and ham, 4.5 points

or another one I have is mixture of fruit in a bowl,plums, grapes, etc. and pour over a tub of muller light yogurt,


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If I'm not having cereal, I usually have a WW bagel with a low fat triangle (2.5 points). Or, you could have ryvita & cheese triangle or marmite (if you like it that is). I also like banana on ryvitas, or boiled eggs and ryvitas. My breakfast ideas seem to centre around cheese triangles or ryvitas!! I don't have my breakfast until I get to work so I have to have something 'portable' - hence the lack of imagination!



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I tend to only have time for toast as im not that hungry in the morning till about 9am but if im working i have to eat brekkie at 6am

This morning im eating crumpets for a change there are some that are 1 point each

There are some nice suggestins for me here though on the mornings i can eat later and am not working
Them egg poachers sound alright i have never made a decent poached egg lol


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I have Oat so simple, various flavours. Or you could have bagels with bacon, or cream cheese or just spred and marmite/low sugar jam. I never used to have breakfast but i always do now if i have time before uni.


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Wow this thread is fab! Thanks Babooshka!
Everyone has given some fab ideas, not sure I can add any fresh ideas....

1. An omelette made with 1 whole egg and 2 whites, mixed with anything you fancy, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes etc seasoned then fried in frylight that would only be 1.5points personally I would add 30grams of lowfat grated cheese which would make it 3.5points and serve it with mushrooms and tomatoes or maybe some baked beans.

2. Boiled egg and soldiers 3.5points Reminds me of my childhood! lol. so that would be 1 medium boiled egg served with 2 slices ww or nimble bread spread with lowfat spread and cut into cute ickle soldiers!

3. Yesterday I had a sausage sandwich 3.5-4points depending on the lowfat spread you use. 2 chipolata sausages grilled and then halved served in 2 slices ww bread spread with lowfat spread.

4. Readybrek and skimmed milk 2.5points

5. Potato waffle with beans, bacon, mushroom and tomato 4points waffle(1.5), 2 WW bacon(1) and (1.5) points worth of beans plus zero point mushrooms and tomatoes.

6. Poached egg on toast 2.5 points if using ww bread 3points if using medium sliced.

7. Chopped fruit salad covered in yoghurt or fat free fromage frais. points vary depending on fruit used.

8. Breaky on the go... Starbucks skinny Blueberry Muffin(5) with a Tall Starbucks skimmed milk cappuccino(1) total-6points

9. McDonalds Bacon & Egg McMuffin 7points or
McDonalds Bacon Roll with Heinz tomato ketchup 5.5points

10. Smoked Salmon and Cherry Tomato Bagel 4points I pinched this out of the WW book! lol Slice a plain bagel in half and spread with low fat soft cheese, snip 20g of smoked salmon and halve 3 cherry tomatoes and arrange on top, then sandwich together.
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Hey Cookie, some really good ideas there. Some of them I already use myself but have taken note of the others. Who ever said this weight loss thing is hard, huh? :D

Mumma K

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great stuff Cookie, didn't think of potato waffles I love them as well but had been steering clear as I thought they may be a bit greasy on hearing how low they are on points i'm delighted


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2 weetabix (2pts) with ww yogurt over the top ! yum !! ;)


I must bookmark this thread, some great Breakfast ideas, I keep skipping it... baaaad moi.