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Breakfast ideas?


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I love loads of mushrooms cooked in frylight on brown toast (Hexb) with tomato and baked beans on top. It is really filling and yum :)
I had rice pudding this morning for brekkie!! May sound a bit strange, but it's really yummy and free on Green or EE. I just boil 50g of pudding rice, let it cool down a bit, then mix in some yogurt. Today I had it with raspberries and a bit of sweetener. It would also be yummy wth toffee muller and banana. xx


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Cheese on toast? Using your healthy extras. Eggy bread. BLT sandwich. (and I reckon not to use my HEBs ! Slices of cold meats.


is getting better at it
i like mushrooms dry fried then add a hex a of soft cream cheese (garlic and herbs is good) until melted then use to top 2 slices toast


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Tomorrow morning Im going to try cutting a tomatoe in half. Taking out the picks and breaking an egg into it and then grilling it in the oven till done. Don't know what else I'll be having with it. But thats taken my fancy for the minute.


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I eat anything for breakfast!!!
I think you need to 'think outside the box' if you are getting bored with the foods you are eating. Just because its breakfast time doesn't mean you have to eat toast and cereal...be imaginative!!
I often eat 'last nights' left overs for breakfast!
Or, if I am having a late brekkie, I'll actually cook what some people may consider a dinner and eat that!!
I know some people can't face that type of food in the mornings (I never used too, whatever happened!!?) but if you can, get stuck in and eat!!!!!


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Thanks guys. I hate mushrooms and trying not to have bread. Im doing EE so my HEa is Milk for my cuppas, can't live wthout them. The rice pudding one sounds yummy. Might give the syn free pancakes a go too.
Do you have to boil the rice for longer to make rice pudding?


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Im sick of either eating fruit and a muller light or bacon and eggs for breakie. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm just eatting a sausage (quorn) and bacon fritter.

Pepper and onion omlette?

Scrambled egg with cheese on toast

or what im having today bran flakes with skimmed milk and raspberries


Syn free pancakes always go down well in this house lol


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Well I had pancakes, one with oranges and one just sweetner and lemon. Wouldn't say I was mad on them thou just tasted like a plain omelette (I know that's what it is really) but was a change.

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